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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ARC Review: Wish For You by Marquita Valentine

Wish For You by Marquita Valentine is the fourth book in her Boys of the South Series. This book can be read as a standalone though without having any problems understanding anything. I haven't read any of the rest of the books in this series, but the main thing that I missed out on was knowing the some of the characters and their back-stories. I had mixed feelings about this book, but there were things that I also enjoyed. After reading Wish For You, I am interested in reading the rest of the series and getting to know some of the characters better.

After two years of service and losing his friend Nathan in war, Wyatt returns home to finally be with Lacey the girl he loves who is also his best friend. They have just begun seeing each other when she breaks things off and tells him that they should just be friends. He is determined to do anything he can to convince her that she is making a huge mistake and belongs with him. He sees his opportunity when her parents and family leave the country on a mission and she needs a place to live. He offers to let her live in his extra room and decides to set her up on a date to show her that he is right for her. Wyatt doesn't know that Lacey has no interest in anyone else though and is not with him because she made a promise and because she thinks that he deserves better. As the two circle around each other and their attraction, they are both dealing with issues that they haven't been honest about with each other. Wyatt suffers from PTSD and turns to drugs and women while Lacey has been plagued with debilitating panic attacks her whole life. Can Lacey and Wyatt get over all the obstacles standing in their way and be honest with each other? Or will they let their fears and insecurities stand in the way of a future together?

As I did about this book, I have mixed feelings when it comes to Wyatt. At times I really liked him, and at others I couldn't stand him. I don't support drug use, but I have never been in his situation and have no idea what he was going through. I can understand wanting to escape the awful things that he had experienced. I didn't understand how he kept turning to so many other women though. For someone who was determined to win Lacey back and convince her that they were right for each other, it just didn't make sense that he would keep turning to so many different girls. I did like how patient and supportive he was of Lacey though. He was so sweet and great when she would have panic attacks, and I loved watching him help her. Lacey was a sweet but vulnerable heroine. She was also extremely strong. I loved that she was a roller derby girl and was able to take a hit and keep on going. She really felt like she didn't deserve Wyatt and that she would only bring him down, and it was heartbreaking at times to see how she thought of herself. But I loved how Wyatt and Lacey's friendship and later their relationship was able to endure all their obstacles and help them both grow and heal. They had a great connection and they really brought out the best in each other. They were also really hot and sexy together. Their playfulness was fun to watch, but these two were able to really bring the steam as well.

I had some problems with the pacing in this book, and there were times that it didn't seem to flow well. At times the story seemed to be a bit confused and things didn't quite make sense as though I had missed something. I would go back and reread, but I couldn't find anything that had been skipped. I thought that this story had a lot of potential but it just fell a bit flat for me. I liked quite a few of the characters, but there were some issues with some of them for me. I didn't understand Wyatt's mother at all. She seemed to go from one extreme to another with the flip of a switch and little explanation. I just didn't understand some of the character's actions and it really changed the way I was able to view this story. I did think that there was plenty to like about this book, but this one was just not a complete hit for me. I am interested in getting to know some of the other characters better though and I have heard some great things about the previous stories in the series, so I am sure that I will read them in the future. I really liked Beau and he definitely intrigued me, so I would love to get his story. I think that this story is one that New Adult fans might enjoy, and anyone who is a fan of the Boys of the South series will most likely enjoy getting to know Wyatt and Lacey while also seeing previous characters.

**ARC provided by AToMR Tours**

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