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Saturday, February 1, 2014

ARC Review: Falling For Her Soldier by Ophelia London

I love a good man in uniform story, so when I saw Falling For Her Soldier by Ophelia London I knew I had to read this one. I really liked the cover, but the blurb was what really drew me in. Falling For Her Soldier is the third book in the Perfect Kisses Series, and although the characters are linked these books can easily be read as standalones. I really liked the main characters in this story, but I also really liked the characters from the previous books. I can't wait to go back and read their stories now as well.

Ellie always knew that she wanted to be a professional ballerina and was on her way until an injury forced her to retire early. She now runs the ballet studio that was her mother's before she passed away. Ellie teaches children ballet classes and spends her time with her best friend Jane and her brother Sam, who just returned from overseas after being injured on his last mission. Ellie has been emailing one of the men in her brother's unit and has grown to have feelings for him. But Charlie stopped responding, and she has no idea what happened to him. After putting herself on a self imposed year of no dating and men, she finally thought that she had a met a good one after many bad ones in a row. When she meets Hunter while visiting her brother one day, she knows that she should stay away from him. "Big Game Hunter" is known for being a playboy, but as Ellie gets to know him better she sees a different side to him. What she doesn't know is that Hunter is reallly Charlie. Soon Ellie is beginning to fall for Hunter and starts to get over Charlie and his disappearance. But when the truth comes out, will Ellie be able to get past his deception?

I really liked Charlie. I thought he was sweet and caring, and he was a really great guy. He looked out for his friends and fellow soldiers, and he really stepped up to help Ellie save the center that helped soldiers. I liked that he wasn't afraid to put himself out of his comfort zone for her, and it really showed just how much he had changed. He was just one of those good guys that you wanted to root for. I also thought that it was really cute how much he loved Elvis. Not a lot of guys would admit that, and he seemed to have no problem opening up to Ellie which was a nice change from most guys. Ellie was strong and smart, and I liked that she was able to move on after her injury. She was obviously still upset with how things played out and it still affected her, but she continued to live her life and be happy. I thought that she was really sweet and I loved how determined she was to make it so that the soldiers would always have a place to go. She was scared about her brother and the soldiers because of their dangerous job, and yet she accepted it and dealt with it with a bravery that most women don't have. Charlie and Ellie were sweet together and also had a ton of chemistry. I liked that their relationship began as a friendship through their correspondence and grew from there. It was really nice to watch how they got to know each other, even if Ellie didn't know who he really was at the time.

Overall, this story was a quick and sweet read that I found to be very enjoyable. I can't say that this one was that much different than other contemporary reads, but it was definitely one that I had a good time reading and left me feeling happy. This book is cute and heartwarming and definitely worth the time. I found the characters to be likable and interesting. I look forward to going back and getting Charlie's sister's story as well as the story about his friends Mac and Rick. I also really liked Ellie's brother Sam, and thought it was great how protective he was of her. I hope that we get his story someday too! I recommend this story if you are a Contemporary Romance fan, or if you are like me and like a hot man in uniform! Ophelia London is a great writer, and this story was extremely well written. I'm excited to read more from her in the future.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. This looks like a good one for me - I love friends to lovers & a quick, happy read is just what I need! Thanks for the review!