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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ARC Review: Sweet Revenge by Rebecca Zanetti

Normally, ‘paranormal’ is the surest way to make me turn tail and run away from a book. Maybe it’s the scientist in me, but I just can’t get into anything involving non-humans. Genetically engineered test tube babies bred and raised as killing machines by a clandestine black ops military unit who happen to have enhanced abilities, however, I can handle. SWEET REVENGE was my first Rebecca Zanetti read, and it definitely will not be my last. It is the second book in her new Sin Brothers series, and while it contains sufficient exposition for readers to follow along and be immersed in the story without having read the previous book (as in my case, though I caught up on FORGOTTEN SINS as soon as I finished this one), the pulse-pounding awesomeness of this series is best experienced in order. SWEET REVENGE is a nonstop, white-knuckle thrill ride with plenty of twists that will keep you guessing and frantically turning the pages, and enough heat to melt your e-reader.

It’s hard to discuss such a fast-paced, action-packed, and curveball-filled plot that picks up where the previous book left off without spoilers, but the gist of it is: five years ago, the four Dean men (Jory, presumed dead; Shane, hero of FORGOTTEN SINS; Nate; and Matt, hero of SWEET REVENGE) escaped from the government-sanctioned secret military facility where they were created, trained, and experimented upon by the Commander and his cadre of crazy scientists (that Dr. Madison is a true piece of work!) and have been tirelessly working black ops missions to bring down the commander ever since. The catch: every soldier in the facility was implanted with a suicide chip that will detonate in three months, and the brothers are in a race against the clock to find a way to neutralize the chip... in addition to having to outmaneuver the commander and his troops and trying to determine whether Jory is truly dead. Their best hope is finding the doctor that implanted those chips, and all leads point to one of three women in the small town of Charmed, Idaho.

SWEET REVENGE is Matt’s story. I really, really liked Matt. As the oldest of the four brothers, he’s always been protective of them and felt responsible for keeping them alive in the hellhole they were raised in. As a kid, he was both sweet to his younger brothers and the hardass he needed to be to train them and ensure their survival, and he bears the burden of guilt of having let Jory down and left him to die alone. Even now, as a finely honed killing machine, he retains some of that sweetness he doesn’t seem to be aware he possesses and that heroine Laney Jacobs brings out in him. I liked how he’s inextricably drawn to her—even against his better judgement—and how she makes him yearn for things he’s not sure he’s even capable of having. He goes all badass alpha-protector around her in a way that is sexy and endearing rather than controlling and off-putting, and the man is HOT. That sexy dirty talk? I think my Kindle may have melted—Ms. Zanetti sure knows how to write a scorching love scene! I also really liked Laney. She’s strong and smart and kickass in an understated way, but she still cherishes the safety and protection of Matt’s arms without being clingy or TSTL. Like Matt, she has secrets and is trying to outrun her past, and the last thing she needs is a romantic entanglement with the sexy stranger that shows up, stabbed and bleeding, at her bar. But she can’t help herself, and when she decides to go after what she wants, poor Matt doesn’t stand a chance. I really enjoyed how she challenges him and how that brings out the edgier, sexier side of him. *fans self*. With their secrets and their issues and their scorching chemistry, Matt and Laney are truly a great couple.

If you love action-packed steamy romantic suspense with sexy alpha heroes, definitely give this series a try—it’s one of my new favourites and has gone on my auto-buy list. The glimpse at Nate’s story at the end of FORGOTTEN SINS has me impatiently waiting for May: it looks to be another excellent read!

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  1. I love Rebecca Zanetti books particularly this series. Glad you liked this one too. She does know how to write passion and suspense well.