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Friday, February 14, 2014

ARC Review: Be Mine Forever by Marina Adair

I was really looking forward to reading “Be Mine Forever” by Marina Adair for Valentine’s Day holiday. I was looking forward to a sweet and sappy romance. I saw wonderful reviews for the author and her other works. I expected a fun and light romance. I was half right. I tried a couple of times to get into this romance but it fell flat to me. When we meet Trey he is running frantically to his grandma’s side fearing the worst (Not a big spoiler here: she is fine). There is so much “extra” drama and extra obsessive thoughts, does she like? Does he like me? It’s hard to picture the hero and heroine as two functioning adults in this book. To me, they seem like two teenagers trapped in adult bodies.

Trey DeLuca is a successful business man, he with his brothers and sister have a very successful wine company. Trey is your average hot, new women-every-month kind of guy. Typically I find these type of characters fun, because I like to see them fall in love with the heroine… That was not the case with this story. Trey was so obnoxious and extremely corny. I had to roll my eyes at his pick- up lines. They were awful. The first two minutes of meeting Sara he keeps making comments about undressing her. His overly obnoxious comments continue on for the rest of the story. I get it, you’re a stud but at least make an effort to be charming. I did enjoy the dynamic he had with his family. All his brothers are married, or getting married or new fathers, so he feels like the odd man out. He sees that all his brothers have moved on from being single. I didn’t quite understand Trey’s confusion about this. He seemed to have a little bit of a hard time dealing with his brothers growing up. Try joining them (hint-hint).

Sara Reed is a widow with a young son. She owns a dance studio and gives Trey’s grandma dance lessons. She is instantly attracted to Trey but feels clumsy in the dating world and really anywhere else… She crashes her car into his and then can’t seem to get her coat off… Again…eye-rolling here. So, Sara is a widow and she is balancing motherhood and working. These are all understandable. Sara is attracted to Trey and he is attracted to her and all of the sudden they start to obsess about where there relationship is going. Sara is concerned about what Trey is looking for, why didn’t she just ask him? Save herself all the extra drama? My biggest issue with her… she trades dancing lessons with Trey if he will babysit her son. I have a big issue with this… Usually these types of scenarios are cute and endearing but they did not work. I found the entire story to be choppy and my attention wandered. This book received so many good reviews I was really looking forward to it, but it did not work for me. I will say some things I did like. The grandma, ChiChi, was adorable even though extremely meddlesome. Sara’s son was also adorable and very likeable character. Trey’s siblings don’t play a big part of the book but their presence does. I would say, anything that did not include Trey and Sara was enjoyable. I know! Ouch! But really…I can’t think of any more annoying characters then these two… Happy Valentine’s Day! =)

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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