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Thursday, February 13, 2014

ARC Review: Winter at Mustang Ridge by Jesse Hayworth

Since I never read Jesse Hayworth I was not sure what to expect. Winter at Mustang Ridge was a sweet read set in a small town. I personally like novels set in small towns so I enjoyed reading about the community and the setting. Although this is part of the Mustang Ridge series I didn’t feel lost not having read the previous book in the series. I was pleasantly surprised that Ms. Hayworth was very engaging and easy to read. She offers a great insight into life on the ridge. Her descriptions made the scenery more vivid and real. The author also explained the family dynamic inside the Skype family.

Our heroine Jenny Skype returns to Mustang Ridge to give her twin sister a much needed break. Jenny is a videographer and travels all around the world. When she takes over for her sister she finds herself in overwhelming situations because she has not run a ranch before. Nick Masterson is the town vet. He has traded his own adventurous past and settled down in Mustang Ridge. Jenny and Nick are joined trying to rescue a dog that is abandoned. I thought that this book was cute because I love the idea of them meeting and “joining forces” to rescue the dog. Although Jenny and Nick were cute I thought that after they met the story fell a little flat. I have to confess I put it down a couple of times and came back to it. It was sweet watching them fall in love and get to know each other but it wasn’t an overly exciting love story. Aside from their shared mutual past-both lived exciting city lives they take it slowly getting to know each other. I thought that Jenny was looking for problems with Nick, her biggest complaint is that he had a past and a relationship. They are both adults, it would be expected that they both had some type of relationship history, So I do recommend this story if you’re looking for a small town romance with a hunky vet.

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