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Monday, February 10, 2014

ARC Review: Hollywood Blackmail by Jackie Ashenden

Hollywood Blackmail by Jackie Ashenden is the first book in her new contemporary series, Seacliffe Medical. I have read some of Jackie Ashenden's work before, and I couldn't wait to read this book. I liked this book and thought it was a promising start to her new series. It was a quick and easy read that I found to be enjoyable.

Eleven years ago, Lizzie left everything she knew behind. She is now a nurse and loves the anonymity of the life she leads. But one night while working at the clinic, her past comes crashing back into her life in the form of her onetime love Ash. Ash is now a famous movie star and has had a ton of success. Even though she has tried to disguise herself, Ash instantly recognizes her. When Ash needs treatment he knows that they only person he wants to do it is Lizzie, but she is hesitant to agree. He threatens to go to her boss if she doesn't agree, and she reluctantly changes her mind seeing no other option. Ash is determined to use the two weeks of treatment to get her to answer some questions he has had for years as well as to get her into his bed. Lizzie is determined to get through the two weeks and move on once and for all. But the more time they spend together, the more they both begin to see that the connection they once shared has never gone away. Unable to fight it any longer they give in to their passion. But with Ash having such a high profile career that he is unwilling to give up, and Lizzie determined to not be noticed how can they possibly have a future together? Will either be willing to give up everything for the love that they once shared and a chance at forever?

I really liked Ash. He was sweet and thoughtful, charming and smoking hot. There is just something about a sexy guy on a motorcycle. I loved that he was so determined when it came to his career and being successful, but also in getting Lizzie to open up to him. Even though he came from nothing and was now rich and famous, he never forgot about her and always cared about her. Lizzie on the other hand annoyed me. I found it hard to connect with her character. She was a bit whiny and I hated that she acted like everything was Ash's fault even though she was the one who had left him. I didn't quite understand where she was coming from and why she seemed to blame him, and I just felt her attitude was completely ridiculous when it came to Ash and their past. I felt like Ash and Lizzie did have a connection and they had a lot of chemistry together though. There were a lot of steamy scenes between them and I thought that they were written really well. I also enjoyed their banter and thought that they were funny together. I just wish I had been able to like Lizzie more. I think that their relationship was real and believable, but I just didn't feel as emotionally invested in their HEA because I just couldn't get behind the heroine.

Overall, this was enjoyable and a fun way to spend a few hours. Even though this isn't one of those books that is going to stick with me or stay on my mind, I thought that it was a good read. I liked that it was a second chance lovers story and even though that trope is familiar, this one was done well. I think it is a promising start to the series, and I am interested to see more of the characters that we met in this story. I think that if you are looking for a contemporary romance that is a light and easy read filled with fun banter that this might be a story you would enjoy. Ash is definitely worth giving a shot, and he was by far the highlight of this book for me.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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