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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ARC Review: Mad About You by Lori Wilde

License to Thrill

Charlee Champagne is a Las Vegas private investigator who is only afraid of two things: black widow spiders and gorgeous men. Her grandmother, Maybelline, has gone missing. Mason Gentry is in town searching for his grandfather, Nolan, who helped himself to company funds. The grandparents have a history and a secret to keep. Mason is the family janitor, always sent to clean up after someone else’s mess. Mason and Charlee team up to find their wayward elders. Elwood, Charlee’s dad, is also looking for his mom. Maybelline has an envelope containing evidence of a Hollywood bombshell scandal. Back in 1955, the Oscars were rigged. Nolan had been an actor and nominated for the award. He also met a scared pregnant girl, Maybelline, who threatened to commit suicide. He talked her out of it, fell in love, and married her. His family didn’t approve and Maybelline left him in hopes he’d marry up. Reunited, they are on a road trip to California to stop the same man who tampered with the Oscars from winning again. Their grandchildren avoid bad guys trailing them, win a game show, and outsmart an Elvis impersonator. Who will win the race to the Oscars?

Mason is a stickler for the rules, almost to the point of putting people in danger. He lacks imagination and ingenuity. If not for Charlee, he would have collapsed from the weight of decision making. He’s tentative and lukewarm in all his dealings. Charlee could do better. It’s hard to believe he’s in charge of major deals in his family’s business.

Charlee is used to living by her wits. She understands hesitating puts Maybelline in danger. She has a sharper eye and is able to adapt to the changing situation. She needs a man to compliment her strengths, not bog her down.

You Only Love Twice

Marlie Montague is a comic book illustrator. Angelina Avenger is her character and alter ego. She fights crime and gets involved in government conspiracy theories. Marlie’s comics are controversial and have caught some bad guys’ attention. Her father was wrongly accused by the Navy of aiding the enemy and was killed by his friend, Gus Hunter. Now, Marlie is attacked and runs to her neighbor’s house for help. She doesn’t recognize him, but he’s a friend from her childhood, now a former Navy SEAL, and Hunter’s son, Joel. He’s been sent to watch and protect her. He doesn’t expose his true identity, but knows she’s not safe. They travel to her mother’s house. They get there just in time to have it explode into flames and realize her mother is missing. Marlie’s attacker is one of the bystanders. Joel gives chase, but loses him. They are followed and go to her friend’s family’s home. Meantime, Joel ex-wife, Treeni, and Marlie’s friend, Cosmo, are getting better acquainted in Washington DC. Treeni’s father has presidential ambitions. Marlie has stumbled on a state secret her father held. The race is on the find hidden missiles. Everyone finds more than they bargained for, some are happy and others not.

Marlie and Joel make an excellent team. They play off each other’s strengths. They know much is at stake and both push forward to find the truth. Marlie is smarter than she thinks and Joel realizes he needs help. Running out of people to trust, they turn to each other. I like characters that dig deep and find the steel at their core.

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  1. Looks great! Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  2. Hmm, they both sound fun madcap reads with all the family drama going on.