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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ARC Review: Sex & The Single Vamp by Robin Covington

Felicity ‘Cici’ Trent is a vampire trying to help others find love. Her matchmaking business, Your Other Half, pairs vampires, shape shifters, and humans with a mate. The Fellowship of Adam’s Race was founded to prevent people from mingling with supernaturals. It has used violence in the past and is now aiming at Cici. Her business is suffering, two clients have been murdered, and her life is in danger. She turns to the only person who can help her; Deacon, the man and vampire who broke her heart over two hundred years ago. He runs a security business and has been waiting for her to return to him. He will help her if she sleeps with him. She accepts if he finds her maker. Both sides agree and begin their journey back to each other’s trust and love. He disagrees with her line of work. Humans and vampires shouldn’t marry. There is no future because one will die, the other is eternal. She believes in the mystery of attraction, regardless of the species. Despite Deacon’s best efforts, Cici is attacked twice under his watch. He questions his worthiness and decides she’s better off without him. Will he make the ultimate sacrifice for her?

This story offers a few welcome and interesting twists on the vampire romance theme. First, both are vampires and have been in love for centuries. A misunderstanding has made her keep her distance. He’s been tracking her all these years because of a promise made to her father. And he loves her. Their relationship is scorching because the wait is over. Another is how to kill a vampire. The use of dark magic changes the course of their lives in a unique way. A spell forces one to die to save the other, but how. Finally, their enemy is as old as they are and just as resilient. The power of hate rivals the power of love. Both motivate people to reach beyond themselves and change lives, even history.

Deacon and Cici have an intricate history. Words whispered centuries ago have set them on separate paths. Hope abandoned and promises kept. Both of them must admit to their mistakes to make their relationship work. Both are alphas, not bowing to anyone. Deacon is a man who still lives by an ancient code, he protects what’s his. Cici has grown with the times, independent and following her own calling. Forced to drop some ego, Deacon wants to be the man Cici loves. She wants to open her heart and be accepted as an equal. The meeting in the middle makes this an excellent read.

**ARC provided by Author**

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  1. That does sound like a refreshing take. Thanks for sharing your review thoughts.