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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ARC Review: Unwound by Lorelei James

As soon as I had finished Bound, I was anxiously awaiting the conclusion of Amery and Ronin's story. I have been a fan of Lorelei James since I first read about her sexy cowboys, but after reading Bound I was an even bigger fan. I loved this new world that she had created and really enjoyed these sexy MMA guys. Unwound picks up where we left off at the end of Bound, and should only be read if you have already read Bound. That being said, if you haven't read Bound yet you definitely should! These characters are not to be missed.

Amery left Ronin because she had found out that he had kept a huge part of himself hidden from her. Not only did she not know who he really was, but she felt like she had fallen in love with a complete stranger. After trusting him and opening herself up, she is left reeling after meeting his sister and learning the truth. Ronin knew the moment he met Amery that she was different. He started to feel things that he had never felt before and it scared him. But after Amery leaves him, he quickly realizes just how much she meant to him. Without her his life quickly falls apart and he turns to fighting, the only thing that can help him escape. He shows up at Amery's door after a brutal fight and she rushes him to the hospital. Once released, she agrees to stay with him through his recovery. As Ronin heals, he and Amery begin to work on their relationship and see if they can have a future together. But there are still many obstacles standing in their way. Can they figure out a way to move forward once and for all? After everything that has happened, can they learn to fully trust in each other and the connection that they have formed?

I have liked Ronin since Bound. My biggest complaint about him was how secretive and closed off he was. At times you couldn't really tell just what he was feeling for Amery. That was not the case in Unwound though. He started to open up and really made a point of telling her and showing her how he felt. He was really sweet and protective of her, and it was nice to learn more about his character. I liked that he pushed her in the right ways when she needed it and at other times he knew that he needed to back off. Amery was a bit more reserved in this book, and yet she also opened herself up to possibilities that she never would have before. She really showed just how much she cared about Ronin, even if it scared her and she couldn't fully trust him at the time. I liked how she stood by him through everything. No matter what he revealed or others revealed about him, she was able to see him for who he really was even if it took her a bit of time. She was really devoted to him and I love that she stood up for him. Amery and Ronin had a really strong connection, and I thought that it was even more apparent in Unwound. They have been off the charts hot together from the beginning and that didn't change one bit. But it was nice to see them take in to a whole other level and really become intimate with each other. These two were absolutely perfect together.

Overall, I thought that this book was really good. I will admit that there were times that I felt the story was a little slow and seemed to drag a bit. It was mostly the beginning and I was glad that after about half way through it really picked up. I felt like a bit too much of this story focused on Ronin's and Amery's businesses, and I found my attention wandering through some of those parts. But I really liked getting to know some of the secondary characters a bit better. I loved Ronin's sister Shi, and I also really liked Deacon and Knox. I really hope that we get their stories some day as they were all really interesting! I think that this book was a good conclusion to Ronin and Amery's story, and I liked how things ended for them. Amery and Ronin were fun to read about, but they were also extremely sexy. I loved just how real their connection feels and how clear it is that they belong together. I highly recommend this book if you have read Bound, and for anyone who enjoys bondage with their romance. This series is so much more than just bondage though, and I think that even readers who are not necessarily bondage fans will find Amery and Ronin's undeniable connection to be worth reading about. Lorelei James continues to impress me with every book that she writes, and I know that I will continue to read every book of hers that I can get my hands on in the future. She is definitely an author worth the try if you have never read her books before.

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  1. Glad it finished strong for you. I look forward to reading this duology.