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Monday, June 30, 2014

ARC Review: Jaguar Hunt by Terry Spear

David Patterson is a Special Forces Golden Claw JAG agent. He’s at the Clawed and Dangerous Kitty Cat Club in Dallas tracking twins. He believes the brothers, Nate and Alex Taylor, know something about a missing jaguar taken from an Oregon zoo. The bouncer at the club, Joe Storm, has a bad history with David. Olivia Farmer left David for Joe. After he dumped her, she committed suicide. After a scuffle at the club with Joe, David loses the track of the Taylors. David has a new partner, Tammy Anderson. She is an Enforcer and notorious for ditching her partners. They claim she takes all the credit for solving crimes and has created bad blood between them. David believes the trail to the missing jaguar leads to Belize. He and Tammy travel there and give in to their mutual attraction. The twins rifle through their belongings, leave them a trail of water filled condoms, and offerings of fruit. They know the whereabouts of the jaguar, but there are moles in the JAG organizations. Find them and the twins will release the jaguar to Tammy and David. She is targeted in a zip line accident, pushed into a river, and misses being shot. Joe and another agent, Quinn, have been spotted in Belize. Tammy and David make their way back home and follow clues to the circus. By pursuing the missing jaguar, they also stumble on a larger criminal enterprise.

Tammy tries to flaunt her independence by showing up her male counterparts. Her arrogance comes back to bite her, literally. Being part of a team is a primary part of her job. If she plans to have a leadership role, pulling in all the different people and gaining their trust will be crucial.

David is preoccupied with Tammy when they are on a dangerous mission. If agents are involved romantically, they should step out of the assignment. It doesn’t seem to bother their bosses that they are in love. There must be a strict code of conduct, especially when agents are in the field. The situation leaves both of them vulnerable to attack.

David and Tammy didn’t engage me as a couple. Physical attraction is there, but not much else. They also check in with their bosses frequently. If they are special agents, they should be able to work with little supervision and guidance. Flying by the seats of their pants should be standard operating procedure. There are extra parts added about Tammy’s father and her cousins which distracted from the story.

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