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Thursday, July 3, 2014

ARC Review: Better as a Memory by Marilyn Baxter

Better as a Memory is a short contemporary romance from Marilyn Baxter. This one is around 96 pages and was a quick and easy read. When image consultant Victoria Sharpe is offered the job of helping to transform the image of a top employee from one of the most successful companies in Atlanta, she knows she needs the job. Not only is she broke, but the referrals alone would make this job worth it. But unfortunately taking the job means transforming the image of her ex-boyfriend that left her broken hearted years before. Now Victoria must work with Max to turn him from mountain man to top executive. But as she begins to transform him, all the feelings that were once between them resurface. Can Victoria make it through the job without losing her heart again? Will Max see what he has with Victoria and realize that his dreams for the future can include her as well?

I liked both Max and Victoria. They were both easy to root for, and I felt like despite their bickering and history that they had a good connection. Max was into all things outdoors, and was a lot different than the guy that Victoria had known in college. I felt like he was still a bit immature through most of this story, but that with Victoria's help he started to grow up a bit. He was dedicated to providing for those that were less fortunate though, and I thought that he had a big heart. I did feel a bit confused that that didn't translate to his feelings for his family and Victoria though, and seemed to only be for kids that were strangers to him. It was great to see him actually open up to his dad and Victoria towards the end of the book. Victoria had been really hurt by Max years before, and it was no question why she didn't trust him easily. She needed the job and money, and was determined to remain professional. But I liked that she was able to loosen up a bit with Max and that they were able to rekindle their romance. I thought that they had good chemistry and made a cute couple.

Overall, this story was a good one. Nothing new or unique here, and the story was pretty predictable but I still thought that it was enjoyable. If you are looking for a quick contemporary with a happy ending, I would recommend this cute story. I think that despite the length, this story was believable and easy to get into. It really helped that Max and Victoria already knew each other and had a history together. The reason for my rating was that although this story was good, it wasn't great or memorable. I did enjoy it while reading, but it is not one that I will continue to think about or go back and read over and over. I think that a lot of contemporary fans will really enjoy this one though and it offers a nice little romance for those short on time.

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