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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ARC Review: Deep Surrendering Episode 3 by Chelsea M. Cameron

Deep Surrendering Episode 3 by Chelsea M. Cameron continues Fin and Marisol's story as they grow closer despite Fin leaving soon. Fin has held up his end of the deal and gives Marisol a secret every time they have sex. They continue to date as well as explore the physical side of their relationship and both of them are experiencing feelings that they have never felt before. Fin is still struggling with showing his darker side to Mari, but he also is beginning to want to have more with her than he usually is able to handle. Mari is accepting of Fin's darker side and even enjoys it, but she knows the deadline on their relationship is approaching and is scared of what will happen to them then. As they enjoy the time they have together and they continue to develop stronger feelings for one another, is it possible for them to have a future together or will their relationship end in heartbreak for them both?

I really enjoyed this installment in Fin and Mari's story. Fin is opening up to Mari more every day, and he is exploring his sweet side as well as the dark side. I liked that he and Mari are able to be open with one another and that instead of running Fin has started to talk to Mari. He is able to show Mari the darkest parts of himself and even if she struggles with it, they deal with it together. Fin is still particular about how they can have sex and the circumstances of them being physical, but he is becoming more open and is willing to try to give Mari more after she has done the same for him. I liked seeing him open up to her more about his past, and we do get to learn more about why he is through his secrets. I really loved seeing him be so sweet and thoughtful with Mari though. He plans dates for her that show how much he is always thinking about her and how much he is starting to care for her. They continue to be super hot and sexy together, but they are also developing a much stronger emotional connection as well. I liked seeing them be more playful together and have a bit of fun as well.

I am really enjoying this serial, and with each installment it just gets better and better. I know that a lot of people are hesitant to start serials until they are finished because of cliffhangers, and these installments all end with a cliffhanger. But honestly these episodes are really good and are worth the read. Fin and Mari continue to grow on me with each installment, and I can't wait to see where Chelsea M. Cameron is taking them. I wish that these were being released quicker, but that is just because I am impatient and I want more of the characters. I would definitely recommend this serial to anyone who likes their romance to have depth and be extremely steamy. These installments are hot, but they also show so much growth as Fin and Mari navigate their feelings and the new circumstances they find themselves in. I can't wait for the next episode, and to see what happens for these two next.

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