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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review: Elect by Rachel Van Dyken

Elect is the second book in the Eagle Elite series by Rachel Van Dyken and should be read after finishing Elite. I couldn't wait to read this one as soon as I finished Elite. I am absolutely loving this series! I love these characters, and everything about this series is so unique and different than anything I have ever read before. I am a huge fan of Rachel Van Dyken and everything I read by her just impresses me that much more. Her writing is always so fresh and captivating, and I am instantly drawn into her stories. If you haven't read anything by her yet, you are definitely missing out. The Eagle Elite series is an absolute must read, and I just can't get enough!

Now that Tracey has found out about who she really is, she and Nixon are in love and happy together. Tracey is the love of Nixon's life, but that also puts her in danger. Being from rival families, there are many who want to keep them apart. In order to keep Tracey safe Nixon is willing to do anything, including push her away. Pushing her into the arms of his best friend is the hardest thing Nixon has ever done, but he needs everyone to think that she means nothing to him. Tracey isn't willing to give up on them so easily though, and is determined to fight for them. But with the families facing off against each other, sacrifices must be made. Will their love be strong enough to survive anything, or will one or both of them be left heartbroken?

I didn't think that I could love these characters any more than I already did after Elite, but they made me fall even harder. Tracey, Nixon and Chase were all put in such impossible situations in this book, and yet they all handled things as best they could. I am not a huge fan of love triangles, and I usually end up picking a side right off and hating one of them. That didn't happen with this story though, I love both Chase and Nixon. These guys are so completely different, and they are both good in different ways. I loved getting to know them both better in Elect, and I think you really get to see who they truly are. It is impossible to really describe these guys with just a few words, because there is so much to each of them. Rachel has done such a great job of creating these characters, and giving them so much depth. They are so real and easy to root for even when they are doing things you disagree with. Poor Tracey has been through so much, and yet she is always able to stay strong and get through anything. She had so much to deal with though and was often times left completely in the dark. I honestly don't know how she was able to get through everything. I really love her and Nixon together, and they have such a great bond. Their chemistry is so strong and you can feel how intense their feelings for each other are. But I also really loved Tracey and Chase's friendship and connection. These two have such a natural ease to their relationship, that you can't help but love the time they spend together also.

Overall, this book was fantastic. I love this series so much, and it always keeps me guessing. Every time that I think I know what is going to happen, it turns out that I have no idea at all. This book was more dark than Elite, but I absolutely loved everything about it. I really enjoyed getting to see more of the families and how they are interconnected. I thought it was great that we got some different POVs in this story, and I thought it added so much to the experience. I think we really got to know the characters better because of it. This series just keeps getting better, and I am really looking forward to the next book. This one ends with quite a shock, and I can't wait to see what happens next. I highly recommend this series, and anything by Rachel Van Dyken.

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