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Sunday, August 17, 2014

ARC Review: Tell Me Something Good by Jamie Wesley

When a psychologist who believes in love and helping those who need help meets an arrogant sportscaster who has every reason to not believe in love, you know the sparks are going to fly. Then make throw them together on one radio show because the sparks do fly and you never know what will happen. Will this psychologist make a cynical man believe in love or will they just walk away from each other?

Noelle and Tate do not like each other. She’s a psychologist and though she has a tough past she truly believes in love and truly wants to help each person who calls her radio show. Cynical Tate doesn’t believe in love and thinks Noelle is full of it. He just wants to do his sports show and go on with life, dating women but not making a commitment and he believes this is what all men want. So throw them together with a radio show and as I mentioned the sparks fly. On the first day a woman calls in with a relationship problem and Tate and Noelle end up very involved with this situation. Each devising dates for the couple that will test them to see if they want to stay together. The catch is Noele and Tate will go along. Also Tate thinks they will end the relationship and Noelle is betting they want. An on-air challenge that will lead to more than Tate and Noelle ever thought it could.

As with any good enemies to lovers stories, of course these two have great chemistry both on and off the air. Shortly into the planned dates, they both realize it as well. I enjoyed watching them fight it and then finally give in.

Of course down the line there is a deciding point. This is where the book gets tough, but I loved it. It’s not just a simple decision for either of them. Both have baggage they need to sort through and I loved watching both Tate and Noelle grow as they dealt with their pasts. The characters were amazing in this one and made this story a joy to read. I would love to meet a real Tate and Noelle, I loved them that much.

Tell Me Something Good tells an amazing story. I loved the angle of throwing them together on the radio show and then on the dates. This storyline really hit a home run for me. It’s not an easy story for Tate and Noelle, but it’s a great one and a wonderful book to put on your end-of-summer reading list.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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