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Monday, August 18, 2014

Review: Something in the Way He Needs by Cardeno C.

Something in the Way He Needs is the first book in Cardeno C.'s Family series, but is a standalone story. I had actually read the third book in the series (More Than Everything) before reading this book, and it was nice to see one of the characters from that story briefly again. I had really liked More Than Everything, so I figured that this one would be really great as well. I will say that I had some issues with this story, and I ended up being disappointed with this one a bit.

Asher Penaz is a police captain that is used to control. He doesn't do relationships and prefers to go to a BDSM club when he wants to have his needs fulfilled. When he heads to Vegas for his best friend Ollie's latest bachelor party, he meets Ollie's brother Daniel. He is instantly drawn to Daniel in a way that he never has been with anyone else, and soon finds himself wanting more than ever before. Daniel is the opposite of Asher though and is free-spirited. He prefers to travel with what little he needs and has had many jobs all over, never staying in one place for long. Asher quickly convinces Daniel to come home with him after the bachelor weekend is over and have a relationship with him. But with Daniel and Asher being so different and Asher not having told Daniel about his darker desires and need for control, can they have any kind of future together?

I really wanted to like both Daniel and Asher, but I honestly found them both hard to connect with. Asher was a control freak that was jealous and possessive, and jumped to conclusions really easily. He had a tendency to be a jerk without even talking to Daniel about what was going on or asking him to explain things. He really rubbed me the wrong way several times, and while he had his sweet moments I really just didn't understand why Daniel continued to put up with him. I wish that he would have been more kind and loving throughout the story, rather than just here and there. Daniel was easily distracted and seemed really aloof and scatter-brained. It drove me nuts. He would get so distracted that he wouldn't eat anything all day other than about 10 bites of food without Asher hand feeding him, and I just found that kind of ridiculous. I also didn't like that he was all over the place as far as what he did with his time. He didn't have a job, but had been very successful with a few different things and then just gave them up when he got tired of it. He didn't really let on that he had any success, and only had clothing too large and threadbare when supposedly he had more than enough money. He was also said to live off the grid, but if he had so much money and didn't have it on him how was that possible? It just didn't work, and I found his character to be just odd. I didn't dislike him, but I just didn't really like him either. I felt like he gave in far too easily to Asher, and their connection happened way to fast for me to find believable. Who moves with someone after only having met and known them for a weekend?

Overall, this story just didn't work for me. I had issues with the characters themselves, but mostly it was their actions that I had problems with. Towards the end of the story, Asher did something that to me was completely unforgivable. Not only was the act itself horrible, but the fact that Daniel so easily forgave him and let everything go to me was just awful. I would never have been able to get over something like that, and especially not that quick or easily. I also really hated the fact that we never found out what made Daniel decide to come back to Asher and the story was left with a lot of questions unanswered. I was waiting to see if Ollie ended up getting married or what would happen next for Asher and Daniel, and I wish that Cardeno C. would have given us more to tie up the loose ends. I really liked More Than Everything, so I will definitely see what else Cardeno C. writes in the future and hope that I am able to enjoy those more than I did this one.

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