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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review: More Than Everything by Cardeno C.

More Than Everything is the third book in Cardeno C.'s Family series, but this one can be read as a standalone. I had never read anything by Cardeno C., but I really enjoyed the book and I liked the writing style a lot. I thought that this book was everything that you could ask for, and really brought out all the feels. This one had me laughing at times, but was also heartbreaking as well as sweet. I definitely can't wait to read more from Cardeno C. in the future, and look forward to reading the rest of this series.

Charlie "Chase" Rhodes fell in love with the boy next door when he was a teenager. From the day Scott Boone moved in, Charlie and Scott were almost inseparable. They were great friends, and quickly developed romantic feelings for one another. But everything changed when Scott moved away and they slowly grew apart. The long distance was too much for them at such a young age, and though they loved each other it wasn't enough. Years later, Charlie's dancing career is going well and he is now going by the stage name of Chase Rhodes. He meets Adan Navarro and they are instantly drawn to one another despite being complete opposites. Adan and Chase's relationship is based on sex, and they never go out together. Despite their growing feelings, things take a turn for the worse when after eight months Chase realizes that Adan is embarrassed by their relationship. After several years, Charlie's sister passes away and he is left to take care of her two children. Things get even more complicated when Scott and Adan show up on his doorstep together and Charlie finds out that they have been with each other for five years. Scott and Adan have both changed in the years that they have been apart from Charlie, but they both regret losing him and will do anything to fix it. Can they convince him to trust them again though and to have a relationship with both of them?

I loved these guys. Charlie was so comfortable with himself and I loved that he wouldn't change for anyone. He wasn't afraid to be different and definitely wouldn't alter himself despite how other's viewed him. I felt so badly for him at times in this story because he really had some horrible things happen to him. He was so sweet and loving and was constantly getting hurt. Adan was hard to like when we first met him. I liked how he was with Chase in private and thought that they were great together. I loved his innuendos and the fact that he wasn't afraid to dirty talk and ask for what he wanted. But I hated the fact that despite being out he was constantly judging Chase for his clothes and actions and it hurt my heart that he was embarrassed by him even though he was developing feelings for him. I really liked him later in the story though after he realized how wrong he had been and had changed so much. I loved Scott. He was sweet and kind, and he didn't care how others view him or Charlie. He was always there for him through school when others were picking on Charlie and I liked the ease of their relationship. I understand why he did the things he did, and I really think that the reason for things not working out the first time were just age and distance. I wish both Adan and Scott would have tried to find Charlie, but I understand that neither knew the man they both still loved was one and the same. I thought that they all had great chemistry together and were super hot!

Overall, I liked this story a lot. I thought that it was well written and was easy to get into. I liked the guys and I thought that this story was really about love and hope, and showed how people grow and change. There were times that my heart absolutely broke for them, but I think that everything worked out how it was supposed to and I loved seeing how far they had all come. I really believed that the relationship between the three of them was about love and that all of them fit well together with no jealousy between them. Often times with a menage it can end up feeling as though someone is left out sometimes or that it is not quite even with the feelings, but I didn't feel that way at all with this story. I think it really helped that both of them had loved and lost Charlie before, and they weren't about to let that happen again. They went out of their way to show him that he was their missing piece, and it just worked for me. I would definitely recommend this one if you are a M/M fan and like menage stories. I look forward to reading more from Cardeno C.

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