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Sunday, August 10, 2014

ARC Review: Forever Loved by Deanna Roy

I absolutely loved Forever Innocent and couldn't wait to get my hands on Forever Loved by Deanna Roy. Forever Loved is the second installment in her Forever Series, and is the continuation of Corabelle and Gavin's story. This is meant to be read after Forever Innocent and should not be read as a standalone. If you haven't read Forever Innocent, beware of spoilers in this review. As much as I was looking forward to reading this book, I have to say that I was disappointed in this story. I realize that in life things are not all tied up with a neat bow and that things get messy. But this book did not end the way I expected or hoped for, and I will admit that I was wishing for a better ending.

Forever Loved picks up right after the events of Forever Innocent with Corabelle in the hospital after her freezing cold swim. She has pneumonia and is under observation until her doctor as well as a social worker clears her. Gavin is determined to be by her side and not leave her again as they face things together for the first time since losing Finn. But when Corabelle's parents show up, her mother and especially her father want Gavin nowhere near Corabelle. If that wasn't enough, Gavin is soon contacted by Rosa the woman in Mexico that he paid for sex that she has a three year old little boy that she says is his. Gavin knows that he needs to tell Corabelle after everything that they have been through, but he worries that she is in no condition for this news. After Gavin tells Corabelle, she stays strong for him and helps him by standing by his side. But what kind of life together can they have if the boy turns out to be Gavin's? Can Corabelle and Gavin have a future together after everything that they have been through, or will this latest obstacle be the one to end their relationship for good?

Gavin and Corabelle had already been through so much in the first book, and then they are hit even harder in this one. I kept wondering when they were ever going to get a break. I will say that I hated what Gavin had done in the past and how things had happened after they lost Finn. I understand that he was young and was struggling, but I didn't agree with his actions. But I really admired the way he was determined to be there for Corabelle for the rest of their lives. He was supportive and encouraging and he never judged her for her issues or mistakes. I like that he made her his priority and that he was always honest with her. He didn't try to keep things from her, and I think that he showed a lot of growth over the course of both books. Corabelle was strong and was a survivor, but she was also extremely vulnerable. She needed help and support from those around her, and I wanted to see her really dig into her issues and get better. I felt like her issues were pretty much an afterthought in this story though, and I don't feel like she ever dealt with them. She might have discussed them and let others know about them, but after that they seemed to just be forgotten without ever being resolved. I felt like so much more of this story should have been about how she was able to overcome those and move forward towards a healthy and happy future.

I also felt like this book was just one bad thing after another and it was almost to the point of being unrealistic. I just felt like so much of it was meant to generate drama rather than actually being true to the story. I kept waiting for Corabelle and Gavin to catch a break, but it just seemed like they never did. While we do get answers and all the loose ends are tied up, I felt like the ending wasn't very satisfying. I didn't really feel like their HEA was a true HEA, and I can't believe how everything turned out. It was made worse with the epilogue for me. I just felt like Gavin had done something that wasn't really that understanding or reasonable considering everything, and I felt like it put Corabelle in a really bad spot. Not to mention I felt like Corabelle just let everything go because of her love for Gavin with very little issue. I just wish that this book had gone differently and it was far from the ending that I had hoped for with these two. I know that we will see more of them in the next book, Forever Sheltered, but I still just felt like this was a big let down after the first book. Honestly I am glad I know what happened even if I am not happy about it, but if I had known how things would end I am not sure that I would have ever started this series. This one just wasn't for me and I think it might have just been that I wasn't okay with how everything played out. I think that there are others that will really enjoy these books and will be okay with how things ended.

**ARC Provided by Author**

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