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Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: Legally Wed by N.M. Silber

Legally Wed is a novella in N.M. Silber's Lawyers in Love series and should be read after reading the first three books in the series. This novella continues the story of Lily and Adam, as well as gives us more of all our favorites from the series. I absolutely love these characters, and they just might be my favorite group of friends ever. Seriously I want them to be real so bad because they are the type of characters that you would love to hang out with in real life. If you aren't reading this series, you are seriously missing out!

Adam and Lily have finally acknowledged their feelings for one another and are engaged. But when their parents and friends get involved in planning their wedding, things quickly get out of control. As much as Adam and Lily love each other, they struggle with how to deal with their new relationship and all the challenges ahead of them.

Adam and Lily were just as great as they have always been, and I could not love their characters more. Even though it is hard to pick because all of the characters in this series are fantastic, I have to say that Adam and Lily are my favorites. They are just so much fun, and I love the connection they share. They have so much history, and I love that they finally got their HEA after admiring each other from afar for so long. Their constant bickering and banter is so much fun to see, and these two keep me in stitches the entire time I am reading. It was really great to see them settling into their relationship in this novella though, and I was glad that N.M. Silber gave us a slice of real life for these two. Very rarely do you actually get to see characters go from getting together to actually planning a wedding and dealing with all the challenges that arise from everyday life, so it was really fun to get that with Adam and Lily.

I honestly can't recommend this series enough. These books are so well written and are beyond funny. N.M. Silber is a great writer and her characters are so unique and wonderful. This series is by far one of my all time favorites, and I know that they will always deliver a fun and enjoyable read with a ton of steam as well. I can't wait to get more of these characters and see what else Silber writes in the future.

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