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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Review: Like by J.A. Huss

Like by JA Huss continues Vaughn and Grace's story from where things left off in Follow. I am absolutely loving this Social Media series, and I couldn't wait to get more of Vaughn and Grace. JA Huss definitely did not disappoint with Like, and it made me love these characters even more than I already did. Things continued to heat up between these two, and they are so freaking hot together. 

After abruptly leaving St. Thomas, Grace is home in Denver and is trying to return to normal life. She has just started her new job and is trying to figure cope with life after Vaughn. The real life Vaughn was nothing like her fantasy Vaughn and as much as she would like to move forward with her life she is finding it hard to do. Especially because Vaughn isn't giving up easily. Vaughn has made it a point to show her that he wants her in his life, and isn't above harassing her on Twitter to get her to give them a chance. But Grace struggles with everything that Vaughn is asking for and wonders if she can give him so much of herself.

I love these two. There is still so much we don't know about either of them, and I love getting a little bit more each time we see these two. They are both struggling with their feelings and attraction to one another and what it means for them. But at the same time they have found something in each other that they never had with anyone else before, and I find it really interesting the different ways each of them deal with it. Vaughn and Grace are so hot, and I really love seeing all their sexy tweets and texts. These two never fail to keep me flipping the pages to see what dirty things they will come up with next. I love how well Vaughn already understands Grace, and it shows with each one of his actions. He wants to care for her, but he also knows that there are certain ways to go about getting through to her. Grace wants more from Vaughn, but she also sees that he doesn't do relationships and that the way he does things is the only way he knows how to. But they are both letting each other in more, and I found it really interesting to see more of what they were thinking and feeling in this installment.

Honestly, I am loving this Social Media series by JA Huss. I devour each installment and then can't wait for more. This is definitely a hot series that is so different and unique from anything I have read before. I love their dirty tweets, and the amount of chemistry and steam between these two is off the charts. But I also love how JA Huss has done such a great job of really showing these two getting under one another's skin, and I really can't wait to see what is in store for these two next. Their story is far from over, and I am loving every bit of it. I highly recommend this series for erotica fans and everyone looking for something super sexy and hot. I can't wait to read more from JA Huss.

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