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Sunday, November 2, 2014

ARC Review: Loving the Senator by Mia Villano

I will admit that I was first drawn to Loving the Senator with its stunning cover. Then the blurb fascinated me and I knew I had to read this book. I have some mixed feelings about this one, but I can honestly say that I couldn't put it down. I think maybe part of it was the forbidden nature of the relationship, but it was also extremely hot. I am really intrigued with where Mia is headed with this series, and I can't wait to read more.

Prudence Romaine has wanted Alex Conrad since he helped her out when she was sixteen. Now seven years later, she has just helped him run a successful campaign to become the Senator of Virginia, all while working and attending law school. Prudence is determined to finally tell him how she feels and stop letting all the obstacles between them stand in the way. With seventeen years of age difference, Alex still has trouble seeing Prudence as the woman she now is and not the young girl he once rescued. But he can't help but feel attracted to her as the connection between them continues to grow. But with him newly elected, the last thing he needs is a scandal. With Alex constantly pushing Prudence away, she begins to wonder if things between them will ever change. However once Alex finally gives in, Prudence quickly realizes that being with the Senator is more complicated than she ever imagined.

I will say I struggled a bit with Alex. On the one hand he was super sexy and he didn't care what others seemed to think. He would go after what he wanted and didn't let others influence how he lived his life. But yet he was constantly questioning things between him and Prudence, and I hated how he pushed her away so many times. He would fight against his feelings even knowing that the connection they had was strong and unlike any he had ever had with anyone else. I also didn't like that he kept things from Prudence and that she had to find them out through others. Prudence was also hard to like at first for me. She was single minded in her determination to win Alex and didn't really give a single thought to her actions. She saw what she wanted and didn't care who or what she had to plow through to get there. It made it hard to like her at first, and it almost seemed as though her intentions were to win him over for the sole reason that she could. But then we get to see her connection to him and that her feelings for him were real and deep, and she really did love him. He was everything to her, and it was really painful for her to constantly be pushed away.

I did think that these two were a great couple once they finally got through all the crap, and I loved that they were so real. They didn't let all the scandals get to them and supported one another through it. Not to mention these two were smoking hot! They really brought the steam, and I loved seeing the tension continue to build until it finally exploded. I really did like this story even with the criticisms I had, and I am looking forward to the next book in the series. This book did not end with a cliffhanger, but it did leave the story open for the next step in Alex and Prudence's life. I am excited to see where Mia Villano goes from here, and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

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