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Monday, November 3, 2014

ARC Review: Made For You by Lauren Layne

Made For You is the second book in Lauren Layne's The Best Mistake Series. While I enjoyed the first book in the series I also had a few issues with it. Each book is standalone with interconnected characters, and I was really looking forward to getting Will's story. I loved seeing him as Sophie's best friend in the first book, but I will admit that I wasn't excited he was being set up for Sophie's uptight sister Brynn. Unfortunately for me, I thought that this one had a few issues as well as the first one.

Will and Brynn have never got along well. Will and Brynn did everything they could to annoy the other and embarrass each other. They have always fought like cats and dogs, despite Will being so close to Sophie and the rest of Brynn's family. When Will suddenly returns to town and shows up at Brynn's birthday party, he is the last person she wants to see. Then suddenly he is moving in next door, and she is convinced that he is trying to get to her. When Brynn's perfect on paper boyfriend dumps her for another girl, she decides it is time for a change in her life and asks Will to be her fling. But Will doesn't want to just be a fling to Brynn, and has been in love with Brynn for longer than anyone knows. Can Will convince Brynn that the fighting between them is just foreplay for the passion and feelings between them?

I really loved Will in the first book. He is confident and charming, smooth and sexy. He has always been pretty up front, and I liked his friendship with Sophie. But in this book, I felt like he kind of lost some of his personality. For such a confident guy, he seemed to have a hard time owning up to his feelings for Brynn. I know he had a plan to win her over, but I just couldn't figure out why he didn't try and lay things out for her sooner. Brynn is hard for me to connect with. I didn't like her in the first book, and I didn't really care for her in this one either. She is just so uptight, and even when the author tried to show her vulnerable side it just didn't really work for me. I felt like she was pretty selfish and weak, and it seemed that she was always feeling sorry for herself. Her life hadn't gone according to her perfect plan, and she couldn't handle it. She came off as whiny and irritating. I thought that Will had moments he was sexy, but I just didn't really feel the chemistry between them. As much as I love a good enemies to lovers story, this one just never brought the passion I would expect from all the sexual tension that should have been between them.

I think the biggest problem for me was that for the majority of this book, these two characters were really mean to each other. By the time they finally started coming around, I had lost interest and wasn't really buying it between them. I wish that they had started to figure things out sooner and that they would have been nicer to one another. I just never was able to feel the connection or chemistry between them, and as much as I had liked Will before I felt like he was almost a different character this time around. This one just wasn't what I had hoped for or expected. If you read the first book, you might enjoy this one. But for me, while this one started out with promise it just ended up falling flat.

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