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Friday, November 7, 2014

ARC Review: Spice by Seressia Glass

Spice is quite the story. You can move past who you were but not forget what it has changed you into. It’s a great message for people who have suffered from an addiction and those who know nothing about it. The two characters deal with a relationship with a former addict and someone who knows nothing about it. The growth of the characters is clearly visible and the fact you see the change make you root for them even more. I liked the pace of the story it didn’t allow you to get complacent and bored in parts. It was very, very, hot. Nadia and Kane steam up the pages as they try to recreate all the positions out of The Perfumed Garden.

Nadia Spiceland, I love this character, she is the child of a same sex marriage with two brothers and a famous name and face. As a talented baker she won a spot on a reality T.V. show and then her own show. Unfortunately the weight of fame wore down on her and she became reliant on prescription drugs. Now years later she has moved past her addiction and owns a cafe with her best friend and fellow former addict. Nadia and Siobhan “Sugar” have successfully run Sugar and Spice and now Nadia is ready to move on and end the dry spell. Vanessa another friend of Nadia points out the sexy professor who has come just about every day for the last couple of month comes in and tries not to stare at Nadia every time. Kaname Sullivan has been bidding his time with the beautiful baker with his reputation he has learned to tread carefully. No strange to fame Kane has made a name for himself as the go-to consultant when it comes to sex crimes and as a professor of Human Sexuality. Being drop dead sexy Japanese/Irish (can’t you just imagine that) has earned him the nick name Professor Sex. Kane willing steps up the plate after being outed by Vanessa and asks Nadia out, purely physical nothing more. Soon after their first encounter Kane knows they have the potential to be something more; and isn’t as scared at that thought then he thought he should be. Nadia is upfront about her past well most of it, but they both agree they want to be old fashion and not Google each other.

They share a very steamy affair where they both have not been happier anytime apart from each other makes them miserable. Their relationship has its first trial when Nadia’s friend Audie calls in the middle of the night needing help. Kane isn’t letting Nadia go at it alone and even helps Audie by calling in counseling help for her. Audie in return turns on Nadia and spews some verbal diarrhea and hurts Nadia’s feelings. Without missing beat Kane is there to help Nadia work through her pain. Soon afterwards Kane starts using the “G” word girlfriend. After some typical boyfriend and girlfriend bumps in the road it is soon obvious they are in love. But one small misstep on Kane’s part and he just might lose Nadia. I have high hopes for the rest of this series.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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