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Thursday, November 6, 2014

ARC Review: Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventure by Lillian Marek

Lady Elinor’s Wicked Adventures is a delightful story a young woman’s desire to experience true adventure. It is a Regency Romance full of history both current, for that time, and ancient; a very light and entertaining read. The flow of the story is very smooth and everything that happens is well placed with no over long dry, nothing happening spots. The adventure portion isn’t as adventurous as in some other books but it is still entertaining with its missing treasure and undiscovered tombs of long ago civilizations.

Lady Elinor also known as Norrie is a very interesting character, she is a typical young lady of the time but longs for more than just tea time and balls. She wants adventure like her brother and his best friend experienced on their journey on the continent. She is also very intelligent but plays the part of the delicate woman so not to shock the men. She knows her place in society even if she doesn’t wish to conform to it. Hartcourt de Vaux, Viscount Tunbury, aka Harry discovered his feeling for Norrie early in her first season but with his suspicions of his parentage he never thought he was good enough for her, so he left on an extended journey throughout Europe and beyond. Four years later he returns to find that not much has changed, Norrie still unmarried and a little more mature is still as beautiful as ever.

Norrie’s Father is active in politics and has been a little worse for wear, so to get his mind off of politics Lady Penworth plans a trip to Italy. Lord and Lady Penworth have a fascination with the Etruscan antiquities, and wish to see first-hand some of dig sites. Lady Penworth asks Harry to come along because he is fluent in Italian. Along the way Norrie discovers why she never settled for any of her suitors, she never realized that her strong feelings for her brother’s best friend was love, as soon as she did she set out to make Harry hers. In a fit of jealousy Harry finally admits his feeling to Norrie. In between Harry and Norrie’s funny courtship Rycote, Norrie’s brother, finds love also with an Italian woman whose brother was involved with the revolution to unite Italy. The book is very full there is always something happening. Going from London to Paris to Rome and the Italian country side it is a very informative and entertaining read. This is one of those books I will gladly go back and reread.

Harry DeVaux, Viscount Tunbury, loves Lady Elinor Tremaine, but is convinced that his past makes him unworthy of her. He agrees to accompany the Tremaine family to Italy to explore Etruscan ruins, even if it chips away at his resolve to stay away from the delightful woman he loves.

Amid the sightseeing and treasure hunting, Elinor comes to realize that she wants far more from Harry than friendship, but when a dangerous discovery leaves them fighting for their lives, it might just be too late...

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. I had a good time with this one too. There was so much going on. Glad you liked it too, Hannah!

  2. D'oh You know what I just caught that I wrote that's it's a Regency Romance silly me it's suppose to be Victorian. Sometimes it's just an automatic thing. Thanks Sophia Rose!