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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ARC Review: The Redemption by S.L. Scott

I am a huge fan of S.L. Scott's. I have read a lot of her books at this point, and I know when I start a new story of hers that I am going to like it. She has a great writing style and she always has such real and unique characters. The Redemption is a standalone novel, but it does belong in the same world as The Resistance and has interconnected characters.

After losing the only man she has ever loved, Rochelle Floros is left trying to pick up the pieces all while trying to raise her two young sons alone. She finds herself leaning on the band members of The Resistance and feels drawn to the drummer Dex Caggiano. Rochelle has known the bad boy drummer for years, but things have begun to change between them. As drawn to each other as they are, they both know that a relationship between them will never be simple. With the boys to think about, as well as the rest of the band, and the world watching them, Rochelle and Dex must decide if they are right for one another or if they are better off staying friends.

I liked Dex and Rochelle. They both had issues, and were very complicated individuals. I felt like Dex was constantly underestimated, and everyone always assumed the worst about him. He didn't help himself out a lot of times, but it wasn't until Rochelle started to really show him that he deserved more for him to believe it. He needed someone to stand beside him and love him for him, so it was good to see Rochelle give him exactly what he needed. Rochelle had been dealt a lot of bad, and was doing the best she could. She was a good mom, and her priorities were in the right place. But she also frustrated me at times because she had kind of shut down after her loss. I understood where she was coming from, and yet I wanted her to figure things out. Dex and Rochelle had amazing chemistry together, and you could feel the tension between them. These two were meant to be together, and I really believed their connection.

For me though, this book had an insane amount of push and pull. It was from both Dex and Rochelle, and it drove me nuts. I could not figure out how these two could know and embrace their feelings for one another and still not be together for the majority of this book. By the time they were officially together, the book was almost over and I felt like we had missed out on really getting to see these two together. I wanted to see more of their relationship and them actually being a couple than we got, and I felt like we had been cheated a bit because of it. They had been through so much as individuals and as a couple trying to find their way that I just wanted to see them happy and in love, and actually together for awhile. I still think that this was a good story, and you really can't go wrong with anything by S.L. Scott. But I just found the push and pull between these two to be frustrating and too much. I will definitely read more from S.L. Scott in the future though, and I would love to see more of the characters in this world.

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