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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Guest Post with Author Tawny Weber and Giveaway

USA TODAY Bestselling author of over twenty hot books, Tawny Weber has been writing sassy, sexy romances since her first Harlequin Blaze hit the shelves in 2007. A fan of Johnny Depp, cupcakes and color coordination, she spends a lot of her time shopping for cute shoes, scrapbooking and hanging out on Facebook.

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Ahhh, bromances. Butch and Sundance. Batman and Robin. Holmes and Watson. The MacKades, the Quinns. Into threesomes? How about Kirk, Spock and Bones. Yep, all bromances.

I love romances – which I suppose is a given, since I’m a romance writer, right? The give and take, the attraction and emotional growth, and the commitment that goes into seeing a relationship from spark to flame to burning embers – that’s a major part of what makes a romance so incredible to read. And, of course, to write.

To me, the heart of all books are the relationships between the characters. Not only the hero and heroine (although those are the main attraction, obviously). But also between the families, the friends. The BFFS and the Bromances. Since they are all so awesome, I figured I’d focus today on the Bromances, since hey... that’s all about the guys. And hot guys? Always a winner in my book!

Whether it’s a hero’s best friend, a brother, or his comrade-in-arms—that kind of relationship adds so much to the story, to showing the depths of the hero’s character and really giving us a bigger picture of who he is. I’m just as big a fan of BFF relationships and seeing the heroine through her bestie’s view. But there’s something extra special about those hero connections. Maybe because guy’s don’t seem to get quite as close as gals, or because as a rule, men aren’t quite as into the sharing of emotions as women *g* but I think those friendships add so much to a story.

Since it’s something I love reading, it makes it an extra pleasure for me when I find a way to bring that same element into my own books. The friendship between the heroes in my Sexy SEAL series is one of the key elements that bring these men to life. To them, the team, the brotherhood, it’s as much a part of what defines them as their personalities, their dedication, their love for the heroines.

One of the things about bromances is that while I believe they all bring something strong to the heroes, they aren’t always comfy-cozy. Such is the case in my latest release, Christmas with a SEAL. In it, Lt. Phillip Banks has always kept a distance from the rest of his team. But after his sister marries fellow SEAL Dominic Castillo, he’s forced to rethink that. Which leads to all sorts of interesting revelations—in the story, and for my hero.

Want a peek? Here’s a little excerpt:

“You know, I’d always figured you grew up in a place like this. Snobby and rich, with extra fancy on the side.” Castillo looked around. “Turns out it really doesn’t suit you, though.”

His gratitude over the subject change only lasting as long as it took Castillo to finish talking, Phillip frowned. Was that a compliment buried in there?

“Not saying it’s not nice,” the guy added. “It reminds me of a museum.”

“Most museums are more comfortable,” Phillip murmured before catching himself. “Can I get you a drink?”

“Pretty sure that’s what Lara was getting,” Castillo reminded him.

Lara, who should be back by now if that’s all she was doing. Since she wasn’t, there was a reason.

Meeting the other man’s watchful stare head-on, Phillip waited to hear it.

“Donovan got promoted. Rumor is he’s being recruited for DEVGRU.” DEVGRU, or Special Warfare Developmental Group, dealt primarily in counter-terrorism and was considered by many—including Phillip—as the elite of the elite.

And had been Phillip’s most coveted goal.

It was like getting a punch to the gut.

Fast, painful and numbing.

“His performance on this last mission pushed him over the top?” Phillip asked, wanting confirmation that the mission he’d carefully planned and nurtured in hopes of getting just that opportunity had worked—for someone else.

“Doubtful. He refused to take credit. Gave that all to you, as a matter of fact.”

“Me?” Nonplussed, Phillip shook his head. “That’s crazy. He led the team while I was here playing scout leader to a bunch of green midshipmen.”

“True that. But he pointed out that you’d planned the mission—both times—and that you were the one who’d fingered the mole. Guess he didn’t feel right taking credit when he was just a stand-in.” Castillo pursed his lips, then added with a grimace. “The rest of the team was pretty much unanimous with their agreement.”

Phillip had been slammed in the head by submarine hatch once that’d left his eyes spinning and his ears ringing. Pretty much the same as he felt right now.
Donovan had given him props. Not just to the team, but to command. It wouldn’t erase the mark captivity put on his record, but it might balance it somewhat.

And that, Phillip realized with a surge of gratitude, was a good way to go out.
Overwhelmed, he looked away.

“So... Scout leader?” Castillo mused, sliding lower on the couch in search of a more comfortable spot. “Did you have them tying knots and making parachutes out of old skivvies?”

Now, it wouldn’t be a love story if these two guys fixed all the hero’s issues over a bottle of beer and a pizza. It takes a very special women to bring a man like this around to not only face their loss, but to figure out where they want to go next. But it’s the realizations brought about by the other men in the story that tend to help the hero figure a few things out. And, of course, it gives for some fun scenes and interaction between these very strong, very sexy and very independent guys—to say nothing of great heroes for new stories!!

To me, bromances are like bad boys. I love reading them because they always makes me sigh and sink into the book just a little deeper.

How about you? Are you a fan of bromances? What are some of your favorites?

Subject: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Phillip Banks

Mission: Resist one saucy redhead's attempts to de-Scrooge him…and seduce him!

Silversmith Frankie Silvera has lost her creative mojo. And she knows how to get it back—by getting her sexy on with a certain hot sailor. Just the thought of Phillip's hard, Navy-trained body against her, and everything goes molten. He's the "inspiration" Frankie needs for the holidays!

Navy SEAL Phillip Banks is the prince of protocol. But after his last mission went horribly off-course, all of that control has dissipated. Now he's at the mercy of one very determined female who is pulling out all the stops on Operation Christmas—including red-hot lingerie and the promise of oh-so-wicked delights… But does giving in mean giving up everything he's worked for?

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  1. I love bromances! They always so funny and entertaining. I really enjoy Elle Kennedy's Out of Uniform series, with her soldiers and their bromances.

  2. I love bromances! My favorite of late would be Colton and Becks from K. Bromberg's Driven series.

  3. Oh, yes, bromances are great! There are some great bromances in Jill Shalvis books, both the Lucky Harbor & the Animal Magnetism books. Can't wait to read your latest! Hot cover, as usual!

  4. I love bormances :) Ummm... I'd have to say the Seal Team 16 series by Suzanne Brockmann comes to mind. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway. Nora Roberts' books always have great male friends/brothers.

  6. Robyn Carr has bromances in most of her books... and the 'extra' guy usually ends up with his own story.

  7. Bromances are hilarious! I especially like the ones written into the stories by Jill Shalvis (Lucky Harbor and Animal Magnetism series) and Susan Mallery (Fool's Gold series).

    Marcy Shuler

  8. Jill books have them

  9. Love 'em. My favorite in contemporaries has to be Jill Shalvis' books. My favorite historical, Grace Burrowes. Their men manage to have wonderful realistic caring relationships without going overboard. :-)

  10. sometimes; BDB series