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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ARC Review: Teach Me by Ella Sheridan

The name is misleading; Teach Me is a great romantic suspense. Just looking at the name and the cover, not looking at the blurb you would think contemporary romance about learning how to love and trust again. Well that’s only half right. What Teach Me is is a cat and mouse game in between a sweet na├»ve woman and a psychopath with all the right connections that he has gotten away with it. It really grabbed my attention. It lured me in with one hot, leather wearing, tattooed sex god and kept me on the line with the psycho stalker tech guru.

Jess Kingston lost her parents and her boyfriend was supposed to be there for her instead he used her and tried to mold her into the perfect woman for him. When she finally broke through the fog and tried to leave he beat her so bad she ended in the hospital and got away with it. Eight weeks later Jess is tired of being scared and taking her life back but it was a false sense of security. Stiffening her back she calls on JCL Security for self defense.

Conlan James has a jaded view on love after seeing his mother screw over his father and his best friend commit suicide because a woman who said he loved dropped him and married someone else. But the doe eyed beauty caught his attention and when he found her cornered by an obviously sinister character. He saves her than and gives her the best advice he can for any victim, go get self defense and hands her his business card. When she calls no one else is available to train her but him. He tries to push his attraction to her out of his mind but being that up close and personal to her makes it all the more difficult. When the cat and mouse game escalates and it turns out there is so much more they didn’t know about, Conlan is forced to act before he loses her. If you are looking for a good romantic suspense this should be on that list of really good should read list.

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