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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

ARC Review: Amelia by Bernadette Marie

The series The Three Mrs. Monroes is a three part story about the women who were unbeknownst to them all married to the same man. These books are a wonderful example of Bernadette Marie's writings; full of emotion, humor and romance. Amelia is a quick and lovely read.

The first book of The Three Mrs. Monroes starts with a funeral. Amelia shows up in a Podunk Oklahoma town for the funeral of her husband, Adam Monroe, who died in combat. She is not all that torn up about it because she had asked him for a divorce after she found out she was already married. She originally hadn’t planned to come to the funeral because his first wife and two kids would undoubtedly be there, but Adam’s lawyer had called her and asked her to come to the reading of the will. To her surprise a third wife shows up too. Amelia is immediately taken with Samuel Jackson, Adam’s lawyer. Amelia is a strong woman and isn’t shy to show what she wants and for some reason the bookish lawyer draws her attention. Penelope wife three is a young thing that Amelia feels the need to protect and it turns out that she’s pregnant with Adam’s child. At the reading of the will they learn the truth of why they all were called there, apparently the only legal marriage out of the three was Amelia’s and Adam left everything to her. Amelia doesn’t want it but with Sam’s help she devises a plan to benefit everyone.

The three Mrs. Monroe’s bind together and form an unlikely friendship after getting past their anger at each other and the insecurities that Amelia is going to take off with the money and a natural disaster, they become more like sister. The generosity of Adam’s father helps them even more with their goal to opening a daycare center by giving them his mother's old Victorian house he was renting out. Sam and Amelia fall in love, big surprise. I really liked this it was a great introduction to each of the characters and the situation they found themselves in.

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