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Friday, December 5, 2014

ARC Review: Penelope by Bernadette Marie

Penelope is the third and the youngest of The Three Mrs. Monroe widows. When she turned up in Oklahoma for Adam’s funeral a couple of months pregnant she went from being alone and pregnant to having two of the best friends and a job in the making. She is quite content with how things are going with her life. Then Brock Romero shows up on the doorstep of the soon to be Daycare looking for Penelope. Adam Monroe died in the arms of Brock and spoke of Penelope, and how he wanted Brock to look after his young pregnant wife for him. Brock shows up with a box of Adam’s things that raises a bunch of questions for Vivian. Brock has been half in love with Penelope since before Adam died but Penelope is understandably a little hesitant after her disastrous hasty farce of a marriage to Adam. Brock is not like anyone she has ever known and she has no idea why he would love a woman who is pregnant with another man’s baby. But Brock doesn’t care and his big family is ready to welcome her with open arms too.

Along with Brock and Penelope falling in love, the mystery of why Adam had three wives just keeps building, a little is revealed only to reveal more questions. In the attic they found stashed letters bunches of letters from Adam to Vivian. It turns out Adam’s mother hated Vivian so much she kept things from her and lied to Adam about her. Penelope is a sweet story and it was a great read.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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