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Monday, December 1, 2014

ARC Review: Third Position by Melody Grace

Third Position is the third and final installment in the Dirty Dancing Serial by Melody Grace. This serial was previously published by Melody Grace as the novel, With Every Heartbeat. With the release as a serial, Melody Grace has revamped the story adding new content and making revisions. Having read both the novel and the serial I can tell you that there are a few differences between each. This new serial is a bit steamier than the first, and it does contain more of Raphael's POV. However if you have already read With Every Heartbeat, I think you will notice that not much has changed.

This installment picks up where we left off with Annalise facing her mother upon her surprise arrival. Annalise's mother keeps her under lock and key to ensure that Annalise will be ready for her performance. But Annalise is determined to help Raphael with his audition and to be there for him. Annalise's mother will stop at nothing to have her daughter be the best, and continues to tell Annalise that Raphael will do nothing but betray her. Can Annalise and Raphael have it all, or will all the obstacles in their way tear them apart?

Annalise and Raphael have already been through so much in such a short amount of time. But they really face their toughest battles yet in this installment. Things between them have always been intense and passionate, but in this installment we really are shown just how far they have come and how far they still have to go. They both have made mistakes, but it is clear that they have developed real feelings for one another and find themselves in unfamiliar territory. In Third Position, their relationship is put to the test in ways that they have never had to face before. While their connection and chemistry is strong, they have a lot of outside forces to deal with in this part.

I really felt like this installment had the least amount of new content so far. Not much seemed to be different or changed, and I found myself wondering if I had missed something. I am not really sure that over the course of these three installments that there was that much new content from With Every Heartbeat. We did get to see a sexier side to these characters at times, and we got more of Raphael's POV. But honestly I don't think that as a reader I would buy this one if I had already read With Every Heartbeat. For me, there just wasn't enough new content to justify the price of this serial on top of what was already charged for the first book. I think that readers that have not previously read With Every Heartbeat will find this story just as interesting and captivating as I found it the first time I read it. But I really don't think that it is necessary for readers of With Every Heartbeat to go and spend more money on top of what they already have. I really wish that instead of getting new covers and splitting it into three parts with a few changes, I would have much rather read a retelling of the story from Raphael's POV or maybe even a novella giving us a catch up on where they were in their HEA. I think that while this story will appeal to new readers, for me this one just wasn't necessary. I gave the story four stars as I did with the first book, because even with the new content I still feel like this was almost exactly the same story with very little changes.

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