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Sunday, December 21, 2014

ARC Review: Revenant by Larissa Ione

Oh, Revenant, how I love thee (no that is not an exaggeration). Let me tell you my fellow book junkies, this novel flipping rocked my world. I admit this is my first Larissa Ione novel (I know, I know, I should be penalized), but damn, could I have become any more addicted? Nope. This book had so many fantastic characters that I simply cannot wait to go back to the beginning and see how it all started. Furthermore, this book can be read as a standalone, which is pretty amazing. Granted, you have to weave through the world of Daemonica a bit to understand how Larissa created her spin on Sheoul, Heaven, and Hell, but it is so worth it.

In fact, I loved how Larissa added her own flare while incorporating lore and religious aspects so beautifully. I’ll admit, I am not a religious person (though I respect those who are), but I do love history, and I definitely love creativity. This story was so well-written that not only were the intimate scenes delicious, but the action packed bits were nail-biting worthy. I also loved how the author made it possible to love both evil and good, depending on the character. It is so very rare to find an author that can make you love character who may be captivated by the darkness that surrounds them. Enter: Revenant.

Sweet, yummy, virulent, testosterone-laden Revenant: A Shadow Angel and current right hand of Satan himself. He is the perfect example of the anti-hero, turned hero of his own story in so many ways. He is brought up in a violent, abusive existence with the memory of his mother being the only savior in his own personal hell. He is also intent on justice for her suffering, determined to kill Lucifer before he is reborn, and trying to find a place among his kind who detest him. Oh, and did I mention his falling for a woman for the first time? Yeah, this guy is in trouble.

Now, when I say Revenant is in trouble, I mean holy hell, he is about to be blown into oblivion. Satan wants Revenant to prove his loyalty, especially after Rev having his memories returned. Said memories proved that he is actually a full-blown angel (just turned evil under unfortunate circumstances) and he has a twin brother who grew up in heaven, and is a Radiant. Apparently, Radiants and Shadow Angels are the strongest of all angels in existence on the sides of good and evil. Yes, crazy, I know!

First, Reaver, his twin brother was bathed in the brilliance of goodness and was lucky enough to experience the ties of family, which Revenant never had. Then, throw in Rev’s guilt over his mother’s demise, guilt over his own sins, and we have a complex character. He wants to honor his mother, whom was an angel, and change. However, with evil being all he has ever known, Satan owning his backside as well as wanting to filet his hide, how will he overcome his past?

Insert Blaspheme: The supposed False Angel (the product of a Fallen Angel and Angel), and surgeon at Underworld General Hospital. She is on the run from Eradicators, who have already nearly killed her mother Deva. They are on her trail, not only because she may not be who everyone thinks she is, but because her family holds very powerful secrets that lead down deadly paths. However, nothing can prepare you for Blaspheme and her hardcore tough girl attitude. She is absolutely engaging, and I am not sure I can stress that enough. This girl is stubborn, willful, compassionate, and beautifully moral. She is so unique that Revenant cannot possibly quench his thirst for her. She changes him, and in turn, he saves her from losing her light.

The supporting characters are wonderful as well. Eidolon is just….wow. He is the chief of Underworld General and an Incubus. He is helpful to Blaspheme with his timeless loyalty throughout this story. Furthermore, he truly considers her a friend; family. Plus, he is super sexy through his controlling and intelligent nature. I cannot wait to go back to the beginning of this series and read his story (seriously). There is also Harvester, Reaver’s mate, and let me tell you, she is strong and resourceful from what I gathered. Plus, Reaver is just heart-stopping. After all, he endured tragedy of his own, and despite his goodness, he has a little bit of bad boy streak. The other characters like the horsemen Death known as Thanatos, and the Archangel Metatron are intriguing as well, but they do not make strong appearances.

Truly though, Revenant and Blaspheme are the center of the story and they overcome many obstacles. Regardless of threats, betrayal of the most heinous kind, and maddening truths untold, but learned under dire circumstances, they hold each other through it all. Let’s not forget the thrilling fulfillment of biblical prophecies, the elimination of Satan and Lucifer, and the epic occurrence of love’s triumphant conclusion! Simply put, I could not get enough of these two! Then, Larissa throws in the tempest of raw sex and emotional upheaval. Yes, I was utterly captivated by this tale. I am so thankful to have read this and I cannot wait for more!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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