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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ARC Review: Unexpected Fate by Harper Sloan

Unexpected Fate is the first book in Harper Sloan's new Hope Town Series. This series is a next generation spin-off of her Corps Security series, but it can be read as a standalone. Fans of the Corps Security series will enjoy seeing familiar faces and getting to learn about the kids of those characters, but if you haven't read any of that series you won't be lost and this is a good place to start. I will tell you that if you haven't read that series yet, you will definitely want to after you read Unexpected Fate. This story was fantastic, and it made me want to go back to the beginning and read them all again!

Danielle Reid has loved Cohen Cage since they were children. Their families have been close and the two of them have always been a huge part of each other's lives. But Dani has always wanted more. She has loved him through every girl he has dated and through his deployments. But when she finally tells him how she feels, he begins to distance himself from her as much as he can. She knows that he feels something for her even if he refuses to acknowledge it. Dani and Cohen both know that with their family and friends so intertwined that if anything happens, things will be messy. But Dani is determined to finally get Cohen to give them a chance, or move on for good.

I loved Dani and Cohen so much. These two were the perfect example of soul mates. They were meant to be together from the very start, and it was clear that their connection went beyond just love. These two are seriously one of my all time favorite book couples ever, and I loved everything about them. Cohen fought his feelings for Dani for so long because of the age difference and to keep her safe from being alone while he was gone. But when things changed between them he didn't hold anything back, and I absolutely loved that. He wasn't afraid to go all in, and Dani was his girl. Dani was strong and feisty, and I loved how much she got that from her father. Their relationship was fantastic, and I loved seeing her give him a bit of a rough time. But what I loved the most about her was her unwavering love and devotion for Cohen. She would have done anything for him, and it was clear that Cohen was her whole world just as she had become his. The history and connection these two shared was amazing, but their chemistry was off the charts. It was beyond explosive, and I don't know how these two managed to avoid it for so long.

Overall, this was a fantastic story and start to this spin-off series. I loved Cohen and Dani, and I can honestly say that their book is my favorite Harper Sloan book I have ever read. These two just had something special, and I loved their journey. I also really loved getting to see familiar faces, and I think it was so hilarious to watch Axel cope with the changes in his daughter's life. Between him and Dani's brother Nate, I was constantly laughing out loud. These two went a bit overboard more than once as you can imagine, but it was clear that they would have done anything for her and I loved how fierce they were when it came to her. I cannot wait for more of these characters! I want to know all these kids better and see them each get their HEA's. I am really excited to see where Harper Sloan takes them from here, and I cannot recommend this series enough. If you aren't already a fan of Harper Sloan's, I definitely think that her books are worth the read and something that most readers will really enjoy.

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