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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review: Thief by Tarryn Fisher

Best New Adult Romance Series I’ve Ever Read.

You should take this review seriously. I am not a diet-sex romance enthusiast. I prefer my books with a healthy amount of explicit content because I’m just nasty like that. Judge me. Whatever. I provide that preamble so you know that my giving this book the highest possible rating is truly significant because it had almost no sex. I had to survive purely on the story and what a story it was.

Thief is the third book in the “Love Me With Lies” series and it cannot be read alone. You have to read The Opportunist first, and Dirty Red second. If you haven’t read those two books first, this review might spoil them because the third book (and therefore this review) assumes you have read the other two books in the series.

It is difficult to review this book without spoiling it because there are revelations on nearly every page. Thief is Caleb’s POV on the entire Caleb - Olivia saga and also provides the conclusion to their story. This trilogy wasn’t just a book, it was a psychological dissection of all the extremely effed up stuff we inherit from our parents and drag into our relationships. This is one of the best written first person POV series I’ve ever read. The language of this book is mature and rich and exceeds anything else I’ve ever read in the NA category. I mean that, this is one of the most well conceived and well written stories I’ve ever read and it dominates the NA romance category unequivocally.

By the end of the book you understand Caleb and all of the decisions he has made. All of the loose ends are wrapped up but none of it is tidy and that makes me respect Tarryn Fisher more. You can’t have a total nightmare train wreck of a relationship like Olivia and Caleb and everything wind up with a neat bow on it. That would have detracted from the credibility of the book. TF doesn’t do that to us though; she does enough to satisfy readers who were longing for an HEA without making the resolutions too far fetched in context. You leave this series and you need a cigarette or a valium. The books make you look at the decisions you’ve made in your own relationships and ask yourself, have I been that crazy too? Maybe if you get a love like Olivia’s and Caleb’s it’s worth the crazy at the end of the day. Maybe not.

In summary, if you love New Adult Romance or any other kind of romance or just books, you need to read this series. The story and the characters are unforgettable. Hashtag Must Read!

Final Note: I was scared to read this series because I thought it was going to be a love triangle and I hate those. If you’ve gotten this far you know that the main characters do have romantic relationships with other characters but there is nothing that hit my freak out cheating trigger. Everything makes sense as depicted and I’m glad that after a year of seeing these books on my recommended for you list, I finally broke down and read this series.

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