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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ARC Review: Wild With You by Sara Jane Stone

Sweet, easy read.

I immediately liked the premise of this book. Kat is a doctor in NY but she's from Independence Falls ("IF") where she got a rough start in life. As an IF resident, Kat was basically the invisible foster child that nobody wanted. Brody is a lifetime resident of IF who has been taking care of his brothers and sister. Brody is always the responsible self sacrificing one and for once he wants the chance to get what he wants (which is apparently hot sex with a bit of kink). Kat wants to avenge her entire youth by hooking up with the hot guy who starred in her high school crush fantasies. Kat returns to IF to provide her medical expertise to Brody's brother and that's where the party starts.

I liked the connection between Brody and Kat right from the beginning of this book. What I particularly like is the fact that even though both Brody and Kat are trying to get their rocks off from jump, their interactions immediately go deeper. I'm ok with insta-love but I really appreciate when I have a sense of what is the characters love about one another. In this book, it was clear to me that Brody needed someone who he could lose control with and Kat needed someone who she could give control to. It was the perfect combination.

I found the depiction of Kat, her background and her reaction to being back in IF to be touching. I liked that the author explored the fact that sometimes we outgrow our past even while the people from the past are not quite as...evolved. I also really felt Kat trying to prove to herself and Brody that she was not the poor girl with the raggedy sneakers anymore. I had moments where her introspection on that point got a little redundant but I got the picture and I think it added to the story.

Brody is a book boyfriend in the truest sense. He's an all around guy, caring, a little alpha and a little kinky (very very low on the kink scale but he's from a place called Independence Falls so I guess he did the best he could). I like that Brody has an internal struggle about whether it's ok for him to be with Kat and I love that he gets the effect that her past has on her. Brody is literally the guy you want to be your boyfriend (unless you're super kinky in which case your nasty self will need to find somebody else).

The writing of this book is good, the plot is interesting and moves at a good pace. The supporting characters enhance the overall story line without overshadowing it. Speaking of which, shout out to Amnesia Josh. I thought it was so creative of the author to write in someone with short term memory issues. I appreciate when authors do a little research so that they can include something unique in the story line and that was done here. The sex wasn't all that great but this is contemporary romance so I can deal with the so-so sex.

I definitely recommend this book, especially for you contemporary romance fans and I will be back to see what this author is up to next.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. Great review! I like the cover of the book.

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