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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ARC Review: Put Up Your Duke by Megan Frampton

Reading Put Up Your Duke by Megan Frampton was like riding a roller coaster for me. The book would build and build and I would be more and more into it. Then the story would tumble back towards the ground with just a paragraph. I’m not one who enjoys reading the “F” word when describing sex. I know many other readers don’t mind it, but it takes away from the romance for me. So if you don’t mind it, this book would be more like four stars.

Isabella is betrothed to the Duke of Gage. However, the ton erupts with scandal when some documents are found proclaiming the Duke isn’t actually the duke. Nicholas then discovers that he in fact is the rightful Duke of Gage. Isabella’s parents insist he keep up the contract of their upcoming nuptials. Nicholas agrees that it would be best, and the two are quickly married.

The relationship between the Duke and Duchess of Gage is one of very stereotypical issues between men and women. Isabella expects Nicholas to know what she wants without her having to say a thing. Nicholas finds himself absolutely clueless when she gets angry with him. Nicholas handles arguments and issues very quickly, believing them solved, when in actuality Isabella was not finished and hadn’t believed him. They lacked communication.

I was extremely frustrated with Isabella. She was so hypocritical. She expected him to know everything about her, but she wouldn’t talk to him about anything. She was a believable character, but I just wanted to grab her shoulders and shake her. Nicholas’ character was not believable. His attitude and personality seemed to change quickly back and forth. He almost seemed like two different people. In the beginning quite the rake and then the second he learns about being a duke becomes responsible. From that point on, there would be random points where the rake would return. I did like the gentleman version of him, though. He was sweet, considerate, and trying his best for their marriage to work.

Most of this review seems negative, but the bad parts didn’t take over this book. All of the good romantic scenes were swoon worthy. I just didn’t like how my regard was lifted and lifted, then dropped down like a bowling ball. If those few instances hadn’t been in this book I would have loved it much more.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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