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Saturday, July 25, 2015

ARC Review: Siren's Call by Jayne Castle

I have followed this series since the beginning. The first Jayne Castle books I read were the St. Helen’s series (Zinnia, Amaryllis, and Orchid) which is the precursor to the Harmony series. In case you don’t know, Harmony is a distant planet where humans were trapped and after a couple of centuries we have evolved into something more. The human race has developed paranormal abilities ranging from heightened senses to technopathy. Which that takes on a new meaning because Earth technology burnt out and they had to find a new material to power equipment; with no fossil fuels they found a special kind of amber that can charge machinery and even intensify a person’s special ability. Okay, this is book four in the Rainshadow story arc within the Harmony world. As it is part of a story arc I would recommend reading the other first but it is not an absolutely necessity.

I love the Harmony series it is an entertaining futuristic/ urban fantasy type series. Each book centers around different people with different powers who ultimately stubble across some heinous plan made by devious people and in the end make things right all with the help of the mysterious and adorable but dangerous dust bunny. In Siren’s Call Ella Morgan is more than what she seems classified as a low range musical talent with the job of being a dream councilor. Her real talent she has to hide from everyone, her real talent is one of fairy tales a Siren. Her paranormal singing talent has the power to ease the mind, melt glass or stop the heart. She manages to keep a tight lid on her talent no one the wiser until her run in with Rafe Coppersmith, with the talent of finding things, when rescuing a bunch of dust bunnies from an antiquities dealer using them to experiment on with the illegal alien tech. Ella helps Rafe catch the riffraff trying to buy the alien tech.

Rafe Coppersmith is part of a wealthy predominate family who consults with the law enforcement in this case an illegal arms deal. When Rafe witnesses Ella in action he almost immediately knows she is a Siren. Taken by Ella’s beauty and her talent Rafe lets her leave without telling the authorities she was there with the promise of a coffee date. Ella should have known better even though she kept telling herself he wouldn’t call she was still hurt when he didn’t. Six months later Rafe saunters back in to her life asking to hire her for a special job he needs for a musical talent. As much as Ella wants to turn down a job the money and the reference could be really good for her new business.

The island of Rainshadow is shrouded in mystery; the Coppersmith Family owns a great deal of the island that was classified as a preserve it is covered in a strange fog and inside a different kind of place. Alien ruins found in the middle it all and has revealed some of the things the aliens use to do. But things go amiss when a man is murdered and that’s just the beginning. It goes much deeper that just a crazed group of people who think the alien ruins should be left alone and the attempts on Ella’s life is more then it seems. Between Rafe dealing with psy-fever and being attacked by a strange alien weapon this is non-stop action goodness.

Ella and Rafe are a perfect fit for each other when they finally get together its combustible. You can’t forget the most important character the dust bunny, Lorelei. To fans the dust bunny makes the book and this adorable ball of deadly fluff is one of the best yet. I loved this book it definitely ranks up there with my favorites.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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