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Thursday, July 23, 2015

ARC Review: Ricochet by Keri Lake

I will admit that the first thing that drew me to this book was the gorgeous cover! I mean come on, did you see it? But after reading the blurb for Ricochet, I was finally able to see more than just the cover and I knew I had to read it. Ricochet is the first contemporary romance from Keri Lake, as she typically writes paranormal. Since she is a new to me author and this is her first foray into this genre, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I will warn readers that there are a few things to consider before reading this book though. There are some parts of this story that could be a trigger if you have issues with self-harm, violence, or drugs, so make sure that you take that into account before deciding if this book is for you. 

Nick Ryder had everything until his wife and son were killed three years ago. Since the night they were murdered, he has set out to find those responsible and to make a plan for them to pay. In order to make get his revenge, he sets out to destroy the man in charge of everything that happened, Michael Culling. Mayor Michael Culling came up with his task force to carry out his agenda for keeping Detroit "safe" in what he calls The Culling. But Nick sees him for the monster he truly is, and will stop at nothing until Culling and every last person involved is gone. But when Nick sets his plan in motion and kidnaps Culling's wife Aubree, he quickly realizes that what he thought would be an eye for an eye is so much more. Can he destroy Culling and all that he holds dear, or will his plan and Aubree end up destroying him first?

I liked these characters a lot. Nick and Aubree had both been through so much, and it was easy to see that they both had issues because of it. Though Aubree's life might look perfect at first glance, the reader quickly sees that it is anything but. Aubree was so strong, and I couldn't believe how determined she was with everything that she had to endure. She needed every bit of strength she could manage, and I admire her for never giving up. Nick was on a mission, to fulfill his promise that he made to his wife. He didn't see himself having a future, and he was out to make those responsible pay. Though he was ruthless when it came to his enemies and things did get violent at times, I found myself rooting for him all the way through this book.  

I don't want to give too much away because I really think that this one just needs to be experienced, but this is a dark story and there are many times that things get pretty violent. Despite this one being dark and gritty though, I thought that Keri Lake did a great job of making sure that the romance in the story came through as well. This book had me a bit all over the place, with my heart breaking one minute and my Kindle about to overheat from the sexy scenes the next. The one thing I can tell you though is that I didn't want to put it down, and it was next to impossible to stop reading once I had started. Ricochet was captivating and I was drawn in instantly. If you are looking for a emotional and raw story that is well balanced between the dark and the romance, I think that this is one that you might want to give a shot. There were some twists here that I was able to predict, but that didn't hurt my enjoyment of the story at all. I will definitely look for more from Keri Lake in the future, and I think that this was an excellent first effort into a new genre for her.

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