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Sunday, November 29, 2015

ARC Review: Last True Hero by Diana Gardin

Last True Hero by Diana Gardin I would almost classify this as a New Adult Romance mainly because the main female lead is fresh out of collage and trying to find her place in life without letting her parents take over her life. I have mixed feelings about this book, there were parts of it I liked and others I really didn’t care for. Dare, I like, he’s an ex-Army Ranger who has been medically discharged. His life has been the Army ever since he turned eighteen, and now he’s out in the real world trying to find his place. Berkeley, I had a hard time liking her, she comes off as really shallow at first and it took most of the book for me to see her any differently. I can see why they would make a good match, they are both at a cross roads in their life and Berkeley is very understanding about Dare’s past and his nightmares; but to me Berkeley was a bit of the poor little rich girl I couldn’t feel bad for her; hell I don’t even know what Dare saw in her except that she was beautiful. What I did like the, very little, suspense aspect of the book; Dare’s foster brother comes into town and trouble follows him. I also like how Dare and Berkeley waited before getting sexually involved, they got to know each other better before giving into the sexual chemistry that was there.

Dare just recently discharged from the Army moves into a small beach town where another one of his ex-Ranger brothers, Drake, now lives. Dare’s life is in limbo he doesn’t know what he’s going to do or if he will even stay with Drake or move on to something else. His first night in town and he becomes bewitched by a beautiful young woman working at a sea food restaurant, but blows him off because he’s a soldier. Berkeley is from a prestigious Navy family her father as an Admiral has planned her life down to a tee; the only problem is that it is not the life Berkeley wants. Berkeley’s second meeting with Dare is different, she’s a little warmer and it gives Dare hope for more. Berkeley despite being very attracted to Dare keeps him at a bit of a distance for what she calls a “complication”, which is her unofficial engagement to the man her father picked out, who is also one of her best friends, Grisham. When Berkeley and Dare finally admit to each other how deep their feelings go Dare finds out about Grisham. Dare understands and Berkeley’s ultimate refusal to marry Grisham and follow the life path her parents picked out leads to a big agreement and Berkeley finally doing something. Berkeley moves out of her parent’s house and starts to actively starts to lead the life she wants.

Everything is wonderful for them, for the exception the Dare’s foster brother, Chase, is once again asking for money he lost a lot of money in a high stakes poker game and now needs Dare’s help; but that turns out to be just the tip of the ice berg. Eventually, the happy couple hits a road block, Dare over hears an argument between Berkeley and her father and all the insecurities he feels about not being worthy or good enough for her comes front and center and Dare breaks it off. But none of that matters to the crime lord who is after Chase. Once he finds out that Dare is helping his brother and that Berkeley is close to Dare, Berkeley gets kidnapped. It’s an exciting conclusion and a good ending.

Overall, it was good, the switching of first person POV is something I’m iffy about generally but it was well done in this case. I’m still not that crazy over Berkeley, some of the stuff she did in the book just didn’t win me over. I am kinda curious about the next one because it’s about Grisham, and while he switches from good guy to douche in this book he ends on a good note, and I love a good Navy SEAL romance.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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