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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

ARC Review: Unsung by Shannon Richard

Unsung is the fifth book in the Country Roads series from Shannon Richard. Each book is a standalone story with interconnected characters. Though I have read a few books in the series, I haven't read all of them and I had no problem understanding anything here. You will see familiar faces though if you are familiar with the series. Unsung was probably my favorite that I have read in this series so far, though I did have a few things that kept this one from being a five star read for me. 

After Harper Laurence is dumped months before her wedding, she heads to Nashville to visit her aunt and avoid her hometown for awhile. There she meets the sexy Liam in a bar and they spend the entire weekend together. Harper knew that it was more than just a sexy fling and that she was developing feelings for him, so she ran leaving him no way to contact her. But when Harper finds herself pregnant, she knows that she is going to have to confront her feelings for Liam and let him know that they are going to have a baby. Liam James fell for Harper during the weekend they spent together, and he hasn't been able to forget her since she left him. But when a chance meeting brings them back together again, Liam is determined to show her that they belong together. But Harper's new could change everything between them. Can Liam and Harper have a chance at love together, or will there be too much between them to overcome? 

I really loved Liam. He was sexy and sweet, and I could tell right away what a genuine guy he was. He was honest about this feelings right from the start, and it was obvious just how much he cared for Harper. She was it for him, and he had no problem telling her or anyone else that. Harper on the other hand grated on my nerves a bit here. While I liked her at times, she wasn't the same strong woman that we have seen previously in this series. She was insecure and couldn't communicate here. I understand that when Brad left her it really messed with her head, but I hated how much she ran here and even when she was supposedly done running she held so much back from Liam. They vowed to be open and honest with one another and Liam held up his end, but unfortunately Harper didn't. It was very frustrating and made me start to dislike her the longer it continued. Liam and Harper did have great chemistry though, and I did see a strong connection forming between them. If you are not a fan of insta-love though, beware that these two fall hard and fast with little knowledge of each other or time spent together. 

Overall, this was a cute story. I really thought that Liam was such an easy hero to fall for, and he was by far the highlight of this story. He was so sweet and I loved what a good guy he was. I wish that Harper had been as easy to like, as I think that these two really were great together. Between Harper and the super rushed feelings here, that was all that kept this book from being one that I loved rather than just liked. I still think that this book is worth the read though, especially if you love contemporary romance with a sexy singer hero. Liam is worth the read alone, and I think that fans of Shannon Richard and the Country Roads series will really enjoy this book. But if you are new to Shannon Richard or this series I think that this is a great place to start, even with the few criticisms that I had.

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