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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

An unexpected surprise...with Jade Lee/Kathy Lyons and Giveaway

USA Today bestselling author Jade Lee has been scripting love stories since she first picked up a set of paper dolls. Ball gowns and rakish lords caught her attention early (thank you, Georgette Heyer), and her fascination with the Regency began. An author of more than thirty romance novels and winner of dozens of industry awards, Lee lives in Champaign, Illinois.

An unexpected surprise...with Jade Lee/Kathy Lyons

Hello everyone and welcome to December, the month of huge lines in stores, kitchen disasters, and family drama. Now before you start thinking I hate busy stores, badly cooked food, and drama, let me remind you that many creative types thrive on chaos. In fact, we probably create that very chaos ourselves and secretly relish the drama that unfolds around it. Yes, we’re sick that way. If that is not you, then I salute you! For me…well, I do enjoy peace and quiet, but definitely embrace the excitement that is December.

So…because I’m creative, you get to guess the really exciting things that are happening for me this month. (You’ll have to read down to get to my unexpected surprise!)
  • A - I discovered a chocolate that melts away fat. No kidding. By New Year, I’m going to be thirty pounds lighter!
  • B - My father got married and has moved to a new home with his new wife. Therefore, instead of going to the family mansion for Christmas, everyone’s piling into my house. I’m going to have ten people here plus a cat and dog. Anybody got bunk beds for sale?
  • C - I don’t cook. Seriously. I’m terrible at it. During the rest of the year, my husband and I supplement our pizza diet with hot dogs, microwaveable burgers, and salad out of a bag, none of which is cooking. But with family here I am forced to order in real food. Can’t make my nieces and nephews eat the crap I do, right? Therefore we get real restaurant food often. Woo hoo!
  • D - Starbucks holiday drinks. Specifically the Caramel Brulee. YUM!!!!!

Answer: B – (And believe me, how I wish it were A—discovering fat melting chocolate). Yes, my father got married last month to a lovely woman and they are now happily ensconced in a little house by a lake. No room for everyone. Which means they’re coming to me. November was the month of cleaning out the downstairs and finding cheap guest bedding. I have ZERO idea what we’re going to do about the dog. We haven’t got a fenced yard and my cat will completely freak. Yippee—holiday drama if only between the four-footed family.

And yes, it’s true. I don’t cook. But my sister (sadly) said that her kids love hotdogs, microwaveable burgers, and pizza. They’re not that big on salad out of a bag, but then who is? So that means, our sad diet will continue. Though, yes, I do love the Starbucks holiday drinks, but there isn’t a store near me. But there is one at the mall, so I’m sure I’ll be enjoying them soon!

Now we get to my exciting surprise. I’ll give you a hint ahead of time. It’s not about the new book releases, but I had to put them in because they’re really exciting. They’re just not a surprise. So guess what the surprise is!
  • A - Book release 1 – One Rogue at a Time by Jade Lee. Isn’t the cover beautiful? An RT Top Pick and Reviewer’s Choice Finalist, this regency romance is a fun take on a makeover book. The heroine goes from the wilds of northern England to high society with the help of a rogue hero who tries to teach her all the wrong things only to have it turn out completely right!

  • B - Book release 2 – Seducing the Skeptic by Kathy Lyons. I wrote this book as a fun escape from reality. The heroine lands in a wacky fantasy world and has grand adventures with the prince. Truthfully, it’s a wild ride that gave me an excuse to make Star Wars, Star Trek, and Firefly jokes—plus create that happily ever after that I’d always planned for me and Luke/Spock/Capt. Tightpants!

  • C - My cat Cinnamon has decided to be a sweet lap kitty and never ever bring in mice in an effort to expand our limited diet.
  • D - I met a woman at RWA doing the Ideal Relationship Project She asked me about the ideal relationship, I answered, and gave her a picture of me and my husband of 31 years. Then I completely forgot about it. Then I got this in the mail today. OMG, do I love my husband. Check out her site. It’s amazing.

    You probably can’t read the text. It says: “The ideal relationship is one where each person listens and is always striving to do better.”(Kathy) “Ours.” (Dave)

Answer: D – I do so many things that I simply do and forget. The Ideal Relationship project was one I supported then completely forgot about. To see this come in was a total surprise. That she contacted my husband and got his response was adorable. (Or maybe I gave it to her. I don’t remember!) Anyway, isn’t this adorable? It’s now my desktop background!

I already told you the books weren’t the answer and as for my cat? Well, she has yet to learn that we don’t enjoy chasing half dead critters around the house. The only reason I like snow is because it makes it hard for her to catch rodents and bring them home as a gift.

So there you go! That was my December surprise. And for you all, I’m going to surprise you with not one, but TWO giveaways! Yup, one lucky commenter will get an e-copy of One Rogue at a Time. Another will get an e-copy of Seducing the Skeptic. But to be entered in the contest, you have to tell me what surprised you recently. Hopefully it wasn’t a half dead critter from your cat!

Brant Hallowsby grew up on the fringes of high society; he’s neither a commoner nor a true nobleman. As a bastard son of nobility, he can talk the talk, but ultimately has nothing to loseand that’s exactly what Bluebell Ballenger needs.

Bluebell needs Brant’s help so that she can become a perfect English rose, because, like him, she’s both a part of the ton and excluded from it. Brant knows she’s hiding something from him, but as he starts falling for her soft skin and sparkling eyes, it no longer seems to matter. Until he discovers the one thing that could tear them apart.

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Special thanks to Jade Lee for sponsoring this giveaway.
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  1. It surprised me that November went by so quickly!

  2. That we had freezing rain in town on Monday morning...I wasn't prepared for that yet...

  3. I'm always surprised by the weather in Michigan. We had a ton of snow about a week ago and then it warmed up so we had a rainstorm today.

    Marcy Shuler

  4. The my daughter who is terrified of flying wants to go to Tanzania for school this summer. Worse, I understand her reasons.

  5. I am surprised (not) that I haven't finished my TBR reading goal. YET!

  6. I am surprised (not) that I haven't finished my TBR reading goal. YET!

  7. daughter moving in with boyfriend and talking marriage

  8. The crazy world we live in and how apathetic we have gotten to these tragedies.

  9. Not a pleasant surprise but my oldest daughter has to work a double shift on Christmas Day :( , why are that many people eating out on Christmas ?

  10. The lengths people will go to to get what they want