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Thursday, December 3, 2015

ARC Review: A Lady's Guide to Ruin by Kathleen Kimmel

A Lady's Guide to Ruin is an amazing debut from new author, Kathleen Kimmel. The story is filled with action. The romance was strong, and the story was unpredictable. There were some side plots that worked into the main story intricately. I found myself glued to the book and read it relatively quickly.

Joan Price is a fugitive from a mental hospital who has escaped, and she's trying to also escape members of her old life who were basically the ones responsible for putting her in there in the first place. When she is mistaken for someone else on the street, she clings to the opportunity to get her out of the city.

Martin Hargrove, Lord Fenbrook, is playing the role of dutiful lord and taking in his distant cousin. However, he hasn't seen her since she was very little and thinks that Joan is said cousin. He finds her intriguing to say the least, because he notices glimpses of a deeper person behind the flippant facade she acts.

Though their situation is near impossible, the two can't resist falling in love. I also fell in love with Joan's character. She was so strong, and she was also so compassionate for others. She rose from a hard upbringing and still obtained some morals. She really resonated with me and became one of my favorite female leads in romance.

I had the opposite reaction to Martin. I really felt like I didn't get to know much about him. There was a little backstory provided, but it was only touched on and rarely presented itself in the main plot. Mostly, all I remember from his perspective was his confusion with Joan. I guess I did get that he can't leave puzzles unsolved.

For a debut, this book was extraordinary. I think that as Kathleen grows as a writer, all the simple things I had problems with will come together. She did extremely well with getting me excited, and at the end of the book I was freaking out that it was over. I am very excited to continue the series! So glad I tried this one out!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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