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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

ARC Review: Betting On The Wrong Brother by Cathryn Fox

This is a cute, easy, quick, fun read with some good humorous moments sprinkled throughout. For all you hardcore contemporary romance readers, this is the book for you. If you're like me and you're more of a erotic romance fan, this is going to be a little too sweet and too light weight for you but its nice to mix that in to your reading diet every now and again.

The premise of the book was sort of unique and interesting. Andi thinks that Ryan is his brother. Andi had a really really bad experience with the brother, Nolan, so of course she sets out to punish Ryan...because she thinks he's Nolan. Andi hatches one plan which is cute and funny but doesn't really punish Ryan because he's such a good sport. She then comes up with another plan that is totally ill advised and which completely backfires. The backfiring, however, is a good thing for both Andi and Ryan. It starts them on the path to what is supposed to be a one week strictly after dark agreement but quickly becomes a really sweet romance. Andi thinks there's no way the week s going anywhere because she is still holding a grudge against the person she thinks Ryan is. Ryan thinks it can't go anywhere because he doesn't believe in HEA. Also, Ryan figures out that Andi thinks he's his brother but keeps failing to mention it and you just know that isn't going to end well. Toss in some really cute/creative dates, a little bit of steam and the intrigue of Andi being a romance writer in the book, and you have the story here.

I don't have that much to say in the way of commentary. The book was predictable but not in a bad way, it was just very a good friend. There is great development of the feelings between Ryan and Andi. I guarantee you will be rooting for their romance before it's over. The book moves at a good pace, despite being able to guess the end from the beginning, I never felt bored. I like Andi as a character and I really liked the fact that she used to be chunky. I thought that was an interesting twist. The only thing that I found kind of annoying was Ryan's failure to tell Andi who he really was. I just couldn't make any sense out of it. Still, I recommend this book for those of you who like your sweet romances with a side of sex.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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