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Saturday, February 13, 2016

ARC Review: Jockblocked by Jen Frederick

I am absolutely loving the Gridiron series from Jen Frederick. Jockblocked is the second standalone novel in the series, and I really enjoyed it! These characters are so much fun to read about, and I find myself getting lost in their world and not wanting to leave. If you are looking for a great football NA series, you have got to read these books! Jen Frederick is a great writer, and I cannot wait for the next book in this series. 

Lucy is used to living her life by avoiding anything that poses a risk to her. She has one goal this year, and that is to win the championship with her mock trial team. But when she meets sexy football star Matt Iverson, she is shocked by the connection she feels to him right away especially considering he is known to be a player on and off the field. But even if she wanted to take a chance on something, she has an agreement with her best friend that she won't date any of his teammates. Matt has just been handed the opportunity to be team captain if he can get the QB to step down and take another position instead. So when Matt finds out that Lucy is Ace's best friend, he immediately thinks he has found his way in. When things between them start to get serious though and Lucy finds out about his plan to help her convince Ace to step down, Matt will have to work harder than ever to show her that things between them are real and not just a plan to help him get his spot as captain.

I really loved Lucy and Matt. Matt was so much more than I ever expected. He was sweet and thoughtful, and charming in a totally endearing way. He was impossible not to fall for and it was easy to see how great of a guy he was. Lucy was loyal and strong, and I loved that she wouldn't be pushed around. She had some insecurities and wasn't great at taking risks, yet she also didn't back down when she was put on the spot. These two together were fantastic! They had a great connection and the chemistry between them was smoking hot! I saw the spark between them from the very first meeting and it just continued to grow as the book progressed. I honestly couldn't get enough of them, and I really just loved their relationship. It was so easy and open, and I really loved how they just fit together. They had a lot of drama surrounding them, and yet I felt like these two were able to handle it together and in a mature way. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I loved Lucy and Matty together and I really liked seeing more of the guys from the team. It was also great to see Ellie and Knox again from Sacked. I will say that Ace drove me nuts at times here, and he was my least favorite part of this book. While I felt bad for him, there were so many times that his actions made it really hard for me to like him. I didn't like how he treated Lucy here, and it was hard to see how their friendship had survived for so long if that was the norm for their relationship. But this was a great book and luckily Lucy and Matt were able to keep me invested from the very first page, and the few criticisms I had with Ace were easily forgotten with how much I was enjoying this story. I highly recommend this series for NA and sports romance fans. I think it has the perfect balance of humor, steam, sports and romance to keep readers turning the pages and wanting more.

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