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Sunday, February 7, 2016

ARC Review: Into the Fury by Kat Martin

It’s all about the Brodies! Kat Martin continues on with the Brodie family with the start of the BOSS Inc. series. When I first read the synopsis for this book I kinda rolled my eyes, models and bodyguards sheesh. I do, however, love the forbidden romance that bodyguard romances have. What surprised me was the model aspect. Kat Martin created a lingerie company catering to women with bodies; all of its models have hourglass figures and are not what you would normally find on catwalk models. The heroine, Valentine Hart is not only beautiful enough to be a model but also studying to become a veterinarian and she is just the perfect sort of woman for Ethan Brodie.

Ethan Brodie has had enough of selfish insipid females; ever since his last girlfriend got pregnant and won’t let him see his daughter he has had enough of woman. His next job working for La Belle not only as a bodyguard but as an investigator, trying to find out who’s behind the nasty letter sent to the top ten models. Ethan has a preconceived idea about the models and is thrown for a loop when he meets Val Hart. La Belle has a strict No Fraternization policy, but Val just isn’t a normal model she is best friends with his cousin’s wife Samantha (Nick and Sam from Into the Tide) So Ethan has taken Val’s safety personally, especially since his feelings for Val go way deeper than he wants, way deeper then Val wants too. Falling in love was not in Val’s plans, she only signed the contract with La Belle so she could pay off her school bills and finally finish vet school, between modeling and school she just didn’t have the time to fall in love with Ethan, but her silly heart fell anyways.

In Seattle the letters are delivered proclaiming the models are all sinners and need to repent. The top model is murdered and a similar note is left. In Dallas there is another murder with a similar note left at the scene, but is it the original or a copy cat? Ethan investigates bring Val with him trusting only himself with her safety. In Atlanta there is another attack on one of the models and a hostage situation. After that the tour is canceled and everyone head back home to Seattle but it’s nowhere near over for Ethan and Val. And the mystery behind the letters is finally uncovered and their lives are at risk.

Gunfights, fistfights, sexy underwear, and an adorable little girl all help this new Brodie novel very worthwhile. And I can’t wait for Dirk’s book next.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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