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Monday, April 11, 2016

Audiobook Review: Rescue Me by Jaci Burton, Narrated by Mackenzie Cartwright

Jaci Burton is a very popular author, but I’m still relatively new to her work. I’ve heard really great reviews about her stories so I wanted to have more experience with her work and her storytelling. “Rescue Me” was written in 2006 so there are some things that seem a little dated but overall, this was a fun read.

First let’s start with the heroine, Sabrina Daniels. I really liked Sabrina and found her impossible not to like. She was so incredibly sweet and caring. Sabrina came from an awful divorce to an awful man. She is determined to start fresh and new. She’s left her controlling and emotionally abusive husband behind. Sabrina is all alone. Her father was never in her life and her mother used Sabrina’s beauty to enter her in beauty pageants. Sabrina always felt that her mother used her as a meal ticket. Now a free woman she is determined to put her business degree to use and she has invested in Kyle Morgan’s family ranch.

Kyle is another story. He was such a jerk and at times so incredibly immature. I love alpha men, and I even love the antihero that finds redemption but I really wanted to kick Kyle’s butt. He was so infuriating. There were many times that I thought to myself, “Sabrina, you can do way better.” At times there was very little difference between Kyle and Sabrina’s ex-husband even though the author tries to make us think there is. Kyle’s big problem is his humongous ego. He feels that he let his family down when he lost a huge part of their money in his divorce. Kyle is reluctant to accept Sabrina’s investment because he wants to be in control and often times makes her feel guilty for being involved. Honestly, I wanted Kyle to grow up. He seemed like a petulant child too often for my taste.

I have to confess that there were moments when I hated and loved the book. But ultimately when the couple broke up (this is not a spoiler) my heart ached for them. I was hanging on to every word that Cartwright read waiting to see how Sabrina and Kyle would finally find their way to one another. I felt that much of the story was predictable and as mentioned before Kyle’s development left me wanting. However, I really liked the heroine and I really wanted her to have a happily-ever-after.

Mackenzie Cartwright did a good job of carrying the story and keeping me interested. She seemed to really understand the characters, both the main and supporting characters, and she really brought them to life. Overall, this was a light and fun read. I would love to what the author had in store for Kyle’s brother but I didn’t see that there was a story for him which seems a shame because he was a great supporting character.

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