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Monday, July 25, 2016

ARC Review: The Matchmaker's Replacement by Rachel Van Dyken

The Matchmaker's Replacement is the second book in the Wingmen Inc. By Rachel Van Dyken. It is a standalone story, though fans of the first book will recognize the main characters here from the first book in the series. The Matchmaker's Replacement centers around Ian's best friends Gabi and Lex. I couldn't wait to get my hands on their book, and I really enjoyed it! 

Gabi and Lex have never been able to get along but after Ian and Lex's matchmaking company grows, Lex is forced to face the fact that they need Gabi's help. Lex doesn't want Gabi anywhere near his business and Gabi needs this job more than anyone knows as she has a secret she has been hiding. But as Lex begins to train Gabi, things begin to change and neither of them are prepared for how their feelings towards one another are becoming less about fighting with one another and more about loving one another. Soon they are unable to stay away from each other, and both of them begin to wonder if they could possibly be a match themselves.

I really liked these characters a lot. I knew I was going to like Lex coming into this one, but I had no idea how much. As we got to know him, there was so much more to him that you would first expect. He was so much sweeter than you would ever expect, and I loved that about him. I also really liked Gabi and found her much easier to relate to than I had expected. I went into this one a bit wary, but she was so strong and I ended up liking her character a lot. These two had a ton of chemistry and you could see the sparks flying between them, but the best part about them was that they were so different and that was why they worked so well together. These two were the perfect example of opposites attract and I couldn't get enough of them.

Overall, another really great book from Rachel Van Dyken. She is such a talented writer, and I love that she can take so many different tropes and throw them into one story and make them work. She just has a way with words and I always really enjoy every book I read from her. Lex and Gabi's story was one that I was both anxious and excited for, and Rachel Van Dyken proved once again that I had no reason at all worry because she always does her characters justice. These two were so much fun to read about and I loved that we got the sweet, sexy and emotional sides of both of them. I have really liked both books in this series, and I definitely recommend you give them a shot if you are looking for a great all around story.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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