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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

ARC Review: To Have and To Hold by Lauren Layne

To Have and to Hold is technically the first book of the Wedding Belles series. It’s a great romance; it is very much a typical Lauren Layne story. I loved the characters, each with varying personalities that it keeps it interesting and funny but with the common ground of wedding planning, they all mix well together.

Brooke Baldwin ran from California, she was building up her own wedding planning business she planned on having hers the best example of what she could do, but it all blew up in her face when the FBI arrested her fiancé at the altar. Seth Tyler has a plan for everything but when his father died those planned got moved up by two years and now his sister dropped the bomb that she is getting married to a man she has known for only three months, he knows something is not right. Seth’s only way of proving Maya’s fiancé is a gold digging waste of space is to micromanage the wedding and that puts in in direct contact with the stunning Brooke. No woman has ever affected him this way before. Brooke was heartbroken and mortified by her last relationship so when the brother of the bride starts making her lady parts tingle she doesn’t know what to do. Her boss gives her the advice that just because he’s writing the check does not make him the client, if you have an itch scratch it just done make it complicated. Making it complicated was inevitable.

I loved the side story with Maya, her fiancé, and Grant. You could see it coming and it played out nicely in conjunction with the rest of the story. Brooke and Seth are perfect for each other she bring just a little bit of chaos to his otherwise orderly life. But when Seth does something, which I completely agree with, I would have done it too, and Brooke flips out completely overreacted to it and compared him to her ex she breaks it off only to realize she loves him and she just may have lost him forever.

Overall, it’s hard for me to hate this book it was just great! Everything of Lauren Layne’s that I have read I love and I can’t wait for the remaining character’s HEAs.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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