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Sunday, July 24, 2016

ARC Review: Ruined by Shiloh Walker

If you have read any of my reviews for Shiloh Walker books you know I love her, if you haven’t you know now. I was almost hesitant with this one because when first reading a description for it I assumed the age gap between Marin and Seb was going to be a much larger gab, like cougar kind of thing. It’s not my thing I was worried about it, thankfully the age gab is only seven years and that just fine to me. (My issue has more to do with a maturity level thing not as much of an age difference thing). As always Ms. Walker has created a story with the right amount of strife, a male protagonist who is his own antagonist and is aggravatingly broody but sexy as hell. A strong female faced with issues out of her control and refusing to face the other issues that arise that should have been easy to handle but other people making it difficult. It was amusing some of the things that happened, it makes you laugh or roll your eyes at the idiocy of the characters at points.

The book starts off with Sebastian being rejected by Marin. She is past the point of parties and having a good time just because she can. She’s ready to settle down, and even though she really likes Seb he’s still a young hot thing that likes to go out and party. Seb after getting rejected by the one woman he has always loved is wallowing in his own misery when his life violently changes. His ex-fiancĂ©’s husband attacks them both in a vicious and bloody fight. Ultimately Seb is the only survivor. A year later Sebastian has successfully isolated himself and alienated everyone in the family. The only one that keeps coming back, the only one he will actually talk to is Marin.

In the passing year Marin has seen Seb change from the playboy, happy go lucky, Sexiest Man Alive, beloved actor to the depressed, brooding, scarred drunk that he is now. But Marin promised the Barnes family she would get him there for Zane’s wedding and for Trey’s wedding. And she did, and because of it Seb started to realize life goes on, he stopped drinking, and he’s even talking to other people now. But one badly times internet search and he falls back into the bottle and things change again this time with Marin. At the same time Seb gets offered the part he’s always wanted but he was never right for the part now he his and his leading lady is Marin. Communication is a funny thing it only works when you let people talk and when you are willing to listen. Seb and Marin have a tough road but it is emotional and funny and a wonderful story.

Overall, it went too quickly, I wish I had savored it when I was reading it I didn’t want it to end. BUT I am really, really looking forward to Travis’ book.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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