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Friday, July 29, 2016

ARC Review: Paper Princess by Erin Watt

I'll be honest and say that Paper Princess is one of those books that I wanted to read, yet I was kind of scared to start. I had heard so many people raving over this book that I began to wonder if it could really live up to the hype. Since I love books by both Elle Kennedy and Jen Frederick (the writing duo behind the name Erin Watt), I figured that I should finally break down and give this one a go before the second book in the series was released. Of course now that I have finished I can't believe I waited this long to read it, and I can admit that my fears were for nothing. This book was every bit as fantastic as everyone is saying it is. 

Ella is survivor, doing what she has to in order to live and put herself through school now that her mother is gone and she is on her own. But then she meets Callum Royal, who takes her in and offers her a place in his mansion living along with him and his five sons. Though each Royal boy is captivating in his own way, it is Reed Royal who has her attention. But Reed Royal is determined to get rid of Ella and send her back where she came from. 

I absolutely loved the characters in this book, from secondary to main, they were all so unique and different. I felt like the authors did a great job of creating this world and I couldn't get enough! There is some steam in this book, but honestly this one falls somewhere between YA and NA for me. I adored Callum though he isn't the hero of the book. Every scene he was in was so much fun to read, and I really loved how sweet and almost awkward he is. Ella was strong and easy to like, I loved how determined she was and the fact that she was such a survivor. Things between her and the five Royal brothers were fun and playful, and I was glad that while they could be mean at times and picked on Ella, it wasn't done in a truly horrible or cruel way. But Reed was probably my favorite, and I just loved him. 

I know that I probably sound repetitive and extremely biased, but I can honestly say that this book was just a fantastic all around read that I didn't want to put down. There were twists and turns, and I will warn there is a cliffhanger here. But I would definitely recommend this one and I am already anxious for more. This world is so much fun, and I can't wait to see what Elle and Jen (writing as Erin Watt) have in store for us next with Broken Prince. If you haven't taken the chance on this one yet, you absolutely should!

**ARC Provided by Bocci PR**

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