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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ARC Review: Seaside Whispers by Melissa Foster

Seaside Whispers is the newest book in the Seaside Summers series from Melissa Foster. Each book is a standalone story though they are interconnected. Each of these is also connected to the much larger series, Love in Bloom. I highly recommend this entire series as they are all fantastic, but you do not need to read them all to understand anything here. I have to say though, that I have really enjoyed each book in the series that I have read and I love seeing familiar faces as the series continues. 

Matt Lacroux has dreamed of becoming Dean at Princeton, but as it starts to slip away his getting a book deal could not have come at a better time. Determined to make the most of it, he heads home in order to focus on writing. But while there, Matt also decides that it is time to win over his father's employee, single mother Mira. Though their lives are hours apart, a summer in Cape Cod will change everything for these two. But with Matt's stay only being temporary, can these two find something lasting or will it be over when it is time for Matt to leave?

I really liked these two! The two things that I love most about Melissa Foster's books are her ability to write such different and unique characters, and the focus on love, friendship and family with each story she writes. Those things were definitely true here, and I couldn't get enough of Mira and Matt. Matt was smart and sexy, and I loved his patience. He was great with kids and was perfect for Mira and her son. Mira was a fantastic mother, always focused on putting his needs first and creating the best environment and life for her son that she could. As great as it was to see her in that aspect of her life, I also loved seeing her grow over the course of this book and with Matt's help to really see that she deserved a life outside of being a mom. She definitely deserved to go after what she wanted too, and she and Matt belonged together. 

Overall, another amazing story from Melissa Foster. Each story I read from her is so good, and she never disappoints or lets the reader down. I don't know how she does it each time, but her stories just seem to get better. Melissa Foster is one of my absolute favorite authors, and I seriously don't think I can say enough good things about her. Seaside Whispers was sexy, sweet and such a joy to read and I think that romance readers are definitely going to love this one! If you have read Melissa's books before, this is everything that you have come to know and love from her, and if you haven't read her books before she is a must read for fans of contemporary romance. Seaside Whispers is one that I highly recommend and I can't wait for more from Melissa Foster.

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  1. I'm honored that you love my books so much! Thank you for another amazing review and for joining the tour! You're awesome XOXO