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Friday, July 7, 2017

ARC Review: After All by Karina Halle

I was really excited to read Emmett and Alyssa's story after I first met them in Karina Halle's Before I Ever Met You. After All is a standalone story and you do not need to have read BIEMY to enjoy or understand After All, but you do get to see quite a few characters from that story here and I would recommend it for full enjoyment. While I was excited to read this book, I have to say that I just didn't connect or feel as emotionally invested as I did with Will and Jackie's story. 

When Emmett and Alyssa find their paths crossing at their mutual friends' wedding, things end in a steamy night together. But what started as a one night stand quickly becomes more after pictures emerge of the two of them together, with the media speculating that Alyssa is Emmett's new girlfriend. Needing to clean up his act after a few recent incidents, Emmett proposes a fake relationship to help turn his reputation around. But what starts out as fake soon becomes real, with both of them wondering if they have a chance at a future together. 

While I liked Emmett and Alyssa, I just didn't feel invested in their story. I'm not really sure why that was, but I just never felt that way. It took me awhile to get into the book, and even when I did I liked the story but didn't love it. Emmett was sexy and persistent, and I liked that he didn't give up on Alyssa. I did think that at times he seemed a bit detached from her though, and his actions didn't always feel genuine to his character. Alyssa came off as prickly (a word used throughout this story to describe her) but it was also more than that at times. She made so many assumptions about Emmett and the man he was based on the man her father had been, and she didn't know him at all! That made it hard to relate to her or even like her at times if I am honest. I also got frustrated with her constantly trying to push Emmett away when she didn't really know him and at the same time actually wanted him. While there was a lot of chemistry between these two and they were sexy together, I just never felt emotionally connected to them. 

Overall, this one wasn't my favorite from Karina Halle but it did have it's enjoyable moments. Emmett had some great dirty talk and was sexy and the chemistry between these two was there from the start. I just wish I had been able to relate more or feel invested in their relationship. This won't be the last I read from Karina Halle.

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